RESPONSE; What Men Dislike about Women

Hello Guys, I just got back from Enugu where I was out training some of my staff on Self mastery and Effective Salesmanship, I had a good but busy weekend with my colleagues, on sunday while I was preparing for the presentation I dropped a few lines on what men dislike about women as I read through a few blogs, the post was meant to reading pleasures and learning as its thoughts and musings of a few friends.

I only checked my linkreferral page and found out that a friend has responded to the post. This is so exciting and I would love to share her response with all of you, please feel free to drop your thoughts and comments: its a fun page and would love us to keep it like that;


  1. Men hate the way women jump to conclusions and assumptions without knowing all the facts surrounding the situation.     

Response: I do this because by this time my man has already let me down so many times that we can no longer offer them the benefit of the doubt. And once he clouds up the facts until they start sounding too good to be true I have already began seeing strait through him!

  1. Women love to make plans without consulting us first, just as we think that we are going to have a handy weekend and just relax ourselves.           

Response: I make plans because when we ask “babe, what do you want to do for the weekend?” I get “nothing, it’s up to you.” So it’s up to me especially if the guy works the entire week and think he’s gonna rest the entire weekend, the man still has to make time for family time!

  1. We don’t want to know your every step of the day.    

Response: In this situation I may have missed my partner and I ask him how was his day and he tells me and then I follow with a “guess what happen to me today etc,” sometimes telling what happen in order until the incident occurred jogs your memory of how everything went.

  1. We hate your total disregard in our input in decisions. 

Response: Every bit of advice may not work for everyone and if  I am given advice on how to handle something that night and go to sleep I probably have thought of 1000 other ways to handle it in my own way by the time I actually go to handle it.

  1. We hate the way you question everything we do, we cannot leave the house without telling you where we are going.

Response: Men and women have the traditional code language that only the same sex understands. We just would like to know where you are going what is the big problem? And back to the code men may act like they don’t want to know but after a hour of us being gone who’s calling the cell? yes, the man is calling to find out where you are! Example: he may not say where are you going before you leave but when you get the call he says something like, “are you having fun, sounds loud” that’s just a way to find out where we are.

  1. Don’t ask us what clothes go with what because we can’t tell you, we don’t know what you mean    

Response: this goes with number 4. We ask your opinion when we think it matters most, if you like how we look in something we know at least 8-10 other man may also find it attractive.

  1. Men hate shopping, especially clothes shopping.                                                                              

Response: So why do you volunteer to come? Be honest and don’t say to help…more like just to complain.

  1. Stating the obvious is another great trait of the female of our kind.  

Response: I especially do this because my partner will ask me where something is and be sitting right in front of it. Instead of first looking he ask, I ‘ve gotten anoid with this and stop answering him until I have seen him look thoroughly. So now, occasionally I will say “your pajamas are on the bed” just so he don’t even get the chance to ask me.

  1. We hate interruptions if we are doing something, women will call men from the other room and expect us to go to them if they want to talk to us.. Beckoned to attention like a dog would be.                     

Response: It is polite to just step out and address the issue right away, this is part of good communication. If we came out and started saying your business in front of everyone then we’re acting crazy. We do not mean for it to sound as if we are calling a dog. Just trying to get the issue resolved quickly.

  1. Women give out about the toilet seat being up constantly.                                                               

Response: you should already know why this is such a big deal for women just for the fact that when you leave the toilet seat up we fall in the toilet “SPLASH”! if we leave the seat up nothing happens to you! Just be cautious. 

I wonder what’s next. What do you think?

Thanks a lot Margret for sharing your thoughts with us all, we appreciate.

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