In an ever changing world, core values are simply principles that should govern one’s life. They will always explain why we do the things we do, and what we stand for in the face of decision making opportunities we have in life. These are not just business strategies, cultural norms or responses to market changes but rather not negotiable principles that dictates how we live our lives.

John Blumberg says: I am yet to meet anyone who has achieved any significant feat in their lives who would say they didn’t operate from a solid set of values. However, it is more challenging than it appears. In leadership workshops all over the world I have seen the stunning realization people face when they are given blank sheets and challenged to write down their core values. My belief through this is that you will be challenged to investigate, indicate, and integrate your core values into the fabric of your life. What you truly believe determines how you act and manifests itself in your daily routine.

 John Mason says this may mean ‘making yourself valuable to somebody each day … tackling a problem bigger than yourself … getting to know God by reading His Word … helping someone who can’t repay you … doing three things that take you outside your comfort zone … giving thanks for your daily bread … leaving others a little better than you found them … not being afraid to ask for help … giving the best time of your day to God … doing today what you want to put off till tomorrow … remembering that the time and place to be happy is here and now … taking steps to conquer a bad habit … and evaluating your actions not by the harvest they produce, but by the seeds you are daily sowing.’

 This week please remember as we glean from Bob, that our lives are not summarized in our string of activities, it is not in the facade, charisma we put before others but largely in our character which is an offshoot of our driving force termed core values. These are the very things that motivates, inspires us to action. They determine our responses in tears, joyful moments and challenging situations. Take a moment to write what you think yours are – family, love, relationships, fairness, integrity, transparency, truth, stewardship, service etc. Think and meditate on them and you will simply discover that these have largely informed your choices and decisions so far in life, connecting where you are now, what you do, whom you do such with, when and how you act. Core values forms the heart of our lives! If you don’t like yours at the moment, change it and start living out your core values!

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