I once heard that whislt a human baby can live without food and water for quite a while, one that is starved of love will die extremely quickly.

When people become recluse or abandon society to live by themselves they require some kind of animal or pet at very least to retain some level of sanity.  We are creatures which require community or some level of societal contact to maintain our minds and hearts to function correctly. 

The greatest combatant of sadness or depression is love.  The creator of all things is based in love.  Love does not destroy or ruin.  By its very nature it creates.  The oldest living human on the planet still feels like a child when in the throes of love.  The hardest business person becomes soft and caring and the angriest child becomes content when showered with love and affection.

Many people fear putting themselves “out there” when it comes to “putting their hearts on their sleaves” and expressing the love that they feel for another, and often find out that their delay was unnecessary and the person they felt for reciprocated their feelings all along.  Love is NOT a one way street.  Genuine love runs both ways.

Express love freely and openly.  Tell those that you love of your feelings.  A dear friend of mine, Rocky Brivik once said to me that we must “Drop the “F” Word” (FEAR).  Step safely into your feelings and express them to the people that matter to you.  Don’t do it with an expectation of a result.  Do it with an expectation of expressing your feelings.

You are love, loved and loving.

All you need is love

From Blue Album

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