Values are simply defined as worth, merit, importance and moral. It means your relative worth and moral principles that you run your life on. Values are those things that help us make reasonable decisions when we are faced with challenging moments, difficulties and temptations in life. Your values are your inner compass guide. Everyone has instincts or conscience to be able to make wise decisions which can be fully developed based on your relationship with God. Our creator has put within us gifts, talents in potential form which must be discovered, developed, released and maximized. You are a child born in due season, packaged to affect your generation positively. You are a solution provider, don’t in any way live to become part of the problem. As you climb your ladder of success you must constantly ask yourself this basic question “if you were thrown up and emptied, what will become of you and what stuff will it suggest that you are made of at the end of the day?

 You must watch out for the hindrances to the development of sound personal values:

Your Association: Who your friends are; whose words and advice do you take?

Your Words: How you see yourself in the game of life whether as a victim or a victor?

Your Thoughts: How do you tackle simple challenges, do you have a possibility or impossibility mentality?

 Your Perspective: How you perceive/interpret things, whether it is attainable or unattainable?

Life will always pave way for those who make up their mind to make a mark on the sands of time. You must understand that your purpose when aligned with your values ushers you into a life yielded to God in the service of humanity. So this week show me who your friends are and I can without fail predict the future; for whoever walks with the wise shall surely become wise.

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  1. Clean looking site with easy to read font. Great post with much needed and varied content. Really enjoyed reading through the post and seeing how you think. Blessings to you..

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