These romantic gestures are quick and easy ways to show your love. Often times the most romantic gestures are the small acts we choose to do every day. This extensive list of 101 romantic gestures will help you be more creative in how you show your love.

1. Massage her feet
2. Clean her car
3. Stick a post-it love note in the kitchen
4. Snuggle
5. Make a romantic mix CD
6. Dance under the stars (with your mix CD playing from the car)
7. Hide love notes in her house and car (make sure she’ll find them fairly soon)
8. Have an undisturbed conversation (turn off phones, TV, computer etc.)
9. Light every candle you have to set a seductive, intimate mood
10. Pick up a pie or cake for dessert
11. Do the laundry
12. Write a message on the mirror with a bar of soap
13. Make a calendar with photos of both of you together
14. Unwind with a glass of wine
15. Pick her up and carry her to the bed or couch
16. Complete her Honey-Do list
17. Download a new ring to her cell phone for your calls
18. Share things about your day (work, family, clients, events)
19. Restock the cabinets with her favorite food or drink (don’t forget to leave a note with it)
20. Hold hands
21. Change her oil
22. Give a sincere compliment
23. Go on a walk together
24. Run your fingers through her hair and give her a head rub
25. Go for a joy ride on a scenic road
26. Fold cloths during a game or on your TV show commercials
27. Change her computer screen saver to a love message
28. Cook a meal together
29. Do a slow dance after dinner
30. Kiss when you leave
31. Help her with a project
32. Thank her for a meal she cooked
33. Go grocery shopping together
34. Have a sunrise coffee date (even if it’s just from your deck or window)
35. Hold each other during a big storm
36. Put the toilet seat down (let her know you did it for her)
37. Slip a love note in her purse or work tote
38. Spend 30 mins power cleaning together and 30 mins passionately lovin
39. Walk around the room during a commercial break
40. Kiss when you arrive
41. Make dinner for her
42. Say “I love you because ______”
43. Find out one of her fantasies and make it happen
44. Pay her compliments in front of people you know
45. Make a “10 favorite memories together” list
46. Do yard work (shovel snow, rake leaves, mow, prune, plant)
47. Send a love ransom note with cut out letters
48. Spend time learning/doing her hobby with her
49. Stop at a scenic outlook enjoy the view and each other
50. Get a sensual game to play together
51. Take the garbage out
52. Put a love note with her lunch
53. Go on a bike ride or roller blade together
54. Bring her breakfast or coffee in bed
55. Open doors for her
56. Fix something
57. Leave some Hershey kisses on the pillow
58. Play if/then. If you ______, then I’ll ______
59. Tell her you are proud of her
60. Dance to a classic 80’s song
61. Carry her bags/boxes/books
62. Send a thinking of you email
63. Bake a cake and decorate it with a creative message
64. Act out her favorite love scene from a movie
65. Make a “10 things I love about you” list
66. Help with or do the dishes
67. Write a love note on her calender or in her planner
68. Collect a wild flower bouquet for her
69. Tell her you like her style
70. Kiss each of her finger tips
71. Send a romantic greeting [http://www.romanticgreetings.com]
72. Give a midday call
73. Serenade her with a cheesy love song (in the privacy of your home)
74. Have a quickie somewhere new
75. Whisper sweet nothings in her ear
76. Take some scandalous photos together or of each other
77. Write a love message on the beach or in fresh snow
78. Set your alarm 15 minutes earlier and snuggle in the morning
79. Take a minute to enjoy the sunset together
80. Take a romantic bath
81. Pull out her chair before sitting
82. Give her a big, long hug
83. Make a favorite things about you list
84. Plant a tree or flowers together
85. Let her know that she is the perfect match for you
86. Vacuum, dust or clean the toilet
87. Leave a goofy love message on her phone
88. Experiment with chocolate body paints
89. Make an “I love the ways you love me” list
90. Rub each other down in the shower
91. Be her slave for a day
92. Make a cheesy love poem
93. Make a meal together
94. Pack something special with her lunch (kisses, a note, her favorite snack)
95. Have a breakfast date discuss your plans for the day
96. Take care of car maintenance (oil, tire rotation, check fluids)
97. Express appreciation for specific things she does for you
98. Massage her neck and shoulders
99. Make her a gift
100. Play footsie
101. Offer to help with anything

You may be really good at doing some of these romantic gestures. Use this list to pick up a few more romantic gestures and apply them to your relationship. Put your own twist on some of the ideas for a personal and unique romantic gesture!

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  1. chukuweike

    What a list……….

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