Now this would totally make for interesting reading, I stumbled on this and I really want to share with everyone, its a bloggers thought on what men want and what they get.

Sleeping With A Skeleton
I’ve asked hundreds upon hundreds of guys what kind of body type they like on a woman and although none of them were shouting out Rosie O’Donnell and Aretha Franklin’s names, they weren’t screaming for little Miss Ally McBeal either.

All men like breasts (hello Dolly!) and all men like buns; I think Jennifer Lopez proved that one hands down (or around, whatever you prefer). Needless to say, although big flabby bellies and cellulite didn’t make the hit list, meat on a woman is thought to be attractive by virtually all men.

One particular guy, who I’ll call Lars, made an interesting point: “I like fit women. Skinny? Anyone can be skinny, but how many women can claim that they’re fit? There’s nothing more unattractive than a thin woman with no muscle tone. If that’s the case, I’d prefer a more voluptuous woman, milky if you will.”

What Do Men Like?
So what do all you guys want? Well, if men were all the same, that would be quite an easy question to answer. But alas, we’re all different and so all men have differing desires when it comes to the abundance of women that come in all shapes and sizes.

Whereas some guys prefer petite women and all the tiny things that come with them, other guys admitted that they love bigger women simply because they seem “more comfortable with themselves.” Come on, I’ve met plenty of women who could give Kiana Tom a run for her money and they were quite pleased with everything about themselves. Trust me.

But one thing that just about all these guys agreed on is that they don’t like those lollipop-looking women. You know, those caricatures with big heads that stand out from the rest of the body. It just doesn’t look healthy or attractive.

The Bigger, The Better
Although the mainstream media usually sexualizes the fit and thin, there are plenty of big boned women out there who are the object of many a man’s adoration. Anna Nicole, Camryn Manheim and even Oprah are heavily adored by men worldwide. Does their size hinder them from being sexual? No. Is it possible that guys only adore them because they’re loaded? Maybe.

But we have to come to terms with what’s happening around us. The media might be throwing skinny women in our faces all the time, but we are the ones who perpetuate the problem by letting them.

Did you know that after Renee Zellweger wrapped up filming Bridget Jones’s Diary (in which she had to gain about 20 pounds), she was supposed to do the cover for Harper’s Bazaar magazine, but they finally refused because they felt she was “too fat” to sell copies?

So is it the media that dictates what we like, or are we the ones who make the decision to ostracize portly women? I mean, Jennifer may have a dump like a truck, but let’s face it; she is not — in any way, shape or form — fat.

A lot of guys always say that “she’s too skinny” or “that’s not attractive,” but in the next breath we’ll point out a woman’s imperfections in a heartbeat — I’m a prime example of that. But it’s only normal that the bodies of supermodels and movie stars would end up serving as the norm. Not just for men, but women as well.

Oh Marilyn
There was a time when voluptuousness was embraced wholeheartedly, like in the days of seductress Marilyn Monroe. In those days, the perfect woman’s measurements were 36-26-36, like a curvy hourglass.

Nowadays, the ideal shape of a woman is 34-24-34, down by two inches, and with breast enhancements to boot, women can get as skinny as they want and retain their ample bosoms (or rather, the surgeon’s ample bosoms).

But there is some kind of breakdown somewhere. After all, the average size for women in America is 12, and most of the women in Hollywood range somewhere between sizes 2 and 5. So where does that leave the average woman? Well, it’s safe to say anywhere but Hollywood.

Heroin Chic
Long gone are the days when malnourished models with raccoon eyes were seen as glamorous and desirable. Nowadays curvy babes are back and it’s likely because men and women alike were getting sick and tired of seeing women with bodies like twelve-year-old boys plastered in every advertisement.

In walk Gisele and Laetitia and before you know it, shape is where ship is at again. God knows, I, for one, am glad to see that some women don’t feel the need to see their bones protruding before they’re satisfied with the way they look.

Guys Want Health
Obviously, no one likes a glutton; after all, it is one of the seven deadly sins. But a healthy girl who exercises and takes care of herself is quite desirable for all men. Being a size 6 isn’t really that important to most guys, it’s only when women start out as a size 6 and end up as a size 14 that we become somewhat antsy.

Men do look at models and actresses with lustful thoughts, but in reality, lust and long-term relationships don’t usually go hand in hand. So while the media shows off the virtually flawless 2% of the population, here we are watching the meatier women go by. Enjoy the view.

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Very cool blogger, your view is well laid down here and I am guessing not everybody would still want a lady weighing over 200 pounds. likes vary.

Joseph Osodi signing out


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6 responses to “DO MEN WANT SKINNY WOMEN?

  1. I read this post and really wondering how you though about all these, well most men just say it, they never fall for the skinny ones, they end up with the fleshy ladies, this is so annoying, all said and done Nice post

  2. Tony

    Nice post mate, let them know the truth, WE REALLY DONT LIKE SKINNY GIRLS ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Micheal

    Hey Blogger, I read your post and I would like to inform you that skinny girls are the best you can get, I have nothing to do with fat chubby girls, so let them burn off.

    Good Job

  4. Jordan

    This was so amazingly helpful- thank you ๐Ÿ™‚ I have been dating a man who never compliments me. . . at first it bothered me, but now I have accepted that he just doesn’t see me as others do. I am quite fit- as I teach many fitness classes- have real breasts, and I have a killer butt ๐Ÿ™‚ My tummy will probably never regain the form it once had been prior to having children, but one can still see the definition of a six pack. His past girlfried was skinny, has fake boobs, and smokes at least a pack a day. Needless to say, I had thought this is what he had thought the ideal woman was, and I had thought I would never be it. I often receive comments from men and women alike how how amazing I look. I have come to the realization that just because the guy I am dating can’t acknowledge my beauty, others do. And who knows, maybe one of these ones who does will be someone I will be potentially dating ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Hello Jordan,
      Thank you for dropping by my blog to read and share your comments, I appreciate.
      it baffles me at times when guys don’t appreciate women, especially those they are with, the major way to sustain any relationship is to communicate, this is where appreciating each other comes in, I’m so certain you do your bit by appreciating him, I would advice you have a heart to heart talk with him on this topic and please do not confront him. Let him know your concerns and how you feel. Also how’s your hygiene and appearance, i’m sure you handle that killer butt well.
      Please let me know the outcome of your conversation.

      Mail me or call for any chat.

  5. Rachel

    I love this as being a little on the heavy side.. I had my first baby about 16 months ago, and I just hate that I can’t loose any weight to get a little healthier. But I’m not gonna stress it anymore because this has helped me see that I don’t need to be a stick to be perfect. Thank you for making it available for everyone to read.

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