Good morning all, sorry I have been off for a while, just resumed after my break and work demands. I am currently in Asaba, Delta state where I am co faciliating a training for my colleagues in the state. Exceptional Salesmanship is aimed at preparing them for the challenges that would come with the job. The new things to learn, best practice in sales, self mastery and winning ways.

I present to you some definitions in life that guide you through making the best out of life, most people make decisions that turn around to marr them, the water that passes your feet where you stand today you would never see again, so never take it likely things you hear and read.

There are certain principles that guide those who we mentor, those who we see as our guide to life, I am pleased to present a post from a friend Ayo Daniels; LIFE DEFINITIONS

1. Truth: Genuineness, reality. The state of being true to yourself, trueness in all sense of all without self conceit and deceit and by extension how you love to treat others from the depth of your convictions.

2. Equity: Even handedness, fair play. Being just and fair at every instance and speaking for the cause of others who seem to be less advantaged and can’t help themselves.

 3. Capacity Building: Competency, building inner strength to handle adversities. Ability to hold and contain. Most failures are attributed to loosing the power within. “If you fail in the days of adversity, it means your inner strength is not developed with fortitude”

 4. Talented: Artistic, gifted and endowed. To be skilful showing great ability and being in charge of your sphere of life.

5. Forthrightness: Frankness, candour. To be honest and straightforward at the risk of missing out on the seemly opportunities.

6. Balanced: Reasonable, impartial, objective and unbiased. To make or keep steady.

7. Winning: Endearing, engaging and disarming. To be victorious, win and turn out successful after achieving the desired set goals.

 Whatever is true, whatever things are noble, whatever things are just, whatever things are pure, whatever things are lovely, whatever things are of good report, if there is any virtue and if there is anything praiseworthy, (meditate, stop, think and take action) on these values again this week. Leaders are expected to live on the cutting edge; it is not a matter of convenience but rather of commitment. Commit to these “sharp practices” and you will achieve an enviable balance in your life. It’s not too late to start from where you are today, make a U turn, face life head on, make the best out of what you want and watch how good things unfold to you.

 See you on top.

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