Its 7.30 Ghana time and I just stepped down from an Arik Air flight from Nigeria, its my first time here in the city of the black stars, its barely 5 days since I tied the knot with my college sweetheart. yes you read that. I wrote a post titled MY SECRET sometime in February 2009 about the most important lady in my life, a lady I met in college and started a friendship which culminated in matrimony on Saturday.

Today I begin my honeymoon and among other things on my mind, I would like to appreciate God for this wonderful creation of His that has stood by me through these years, through thick and thin to see that majority of my dreams comes to reality. I have seen a lot of things in my short time, and she has been a pillar of support to me. It all started like a dream and friends and family members always asked what I liked about her, well I really cant say for sure, pointing out one things would be difficult cos she is full of everything,very understanding and ready to listen at any point in time.

February 26 2011, Joseph Osodi finally said I DO to the most beautiful lady in the world, well my world, this date marks the beginning of new things in my life, a day when my dearest dream came to past, a few of my blog mates once commented on the post I wrote to her, wishing that this day would come, well here it has and also has opened doors to different new things, its a good thing that i have found and I totally treasure her.

Most people are scared to commit, giving different excuses for staying single, I felt in my heart that this ways the right thing to do at this time, cos my destiny is built on proper decisions, it was an easy call for me cos the relationship has been for 9 years, so the conviction was there that no one but me would head the home where this beauty would dwell.

No matter what you do, remember that friendship is key,it  is the only binding force that would help a man and woman stay together forever. most people dive into marriage for different purposes and in so sooner a time they jump out, with broken homes and hearts, the best advice is to build a friendship with your spouse, its never too late to get into serious talking terms that would help propel the relationship to the next level

I would be hanging up now as I have to enjoy this honey on my moon, but I promise to return with a post on details of the honey moon.

I would like to advice other singles out there that relationships last only when both parties trust each other totally, this we both enjoyed and gave us lasting friendship, let go of material things that is so not needed, most people crave for irrelevant things and this gives them a high maintenance image, guys should not be too scared to approach you, never be too intimidated to hola at you when you roll by, humility is the ingredient for success. look way beyond now, always begin with the end in mind, know who you are and what you are, learn self mastery. Also I must say its not easy, we didnt get here with ease, the turbulence was really high and coupled with interferance from different angles, but with a clear focus and direction the future is just a picture perfect frame sitting on the wall.

I have duties……………..

Joseph Osodi Signing out


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5 responses to “JOSEPHEKWU WEDS

  1. Kate Harmony

    Oh sure you have duties……..wondering wat you are doing here anyway…! Best wishes dear!

  2. CONGRATULATIONS JOE on your wedding, Nice attire.
    Neatly, nicely and attractively designed site giving a lot of useful information to the people. All the best..

  3. Perfectly blog with very interesting content and design!

    This story is so touching,you endured all these years, kept the faith and made it to the final spot….congrats…wish you both the best

  4. Your blog got my attention right from the start. It looks nice and it is easy to navigate. I will be back to read more.
    Happy Married life
    Happy blogging!.

  5. I really liked this site. The sorties are well writen and charming. The site its self has a nice look and was easy to navigate and everything uploaded quickly….keep up the good work. .

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