The sunrise is what I dreamed of.
A new dawn for you and me.

Breaking up from the shackles of things gone by

We rose, just the glorious sun in the cloudless sky.

Your arms wrapped around me,

My head resting on you

And your fingers tangled in my hair.

My heart had peaceful vibes,

For I had been in the place destined for me.

In Your Arms.

And when I opened my eyes,

I wasn’t blue that the dream was over

But blissful than ever

That there was a possibility of bringing it to life.

How beautiful life can be, see  the goodness in the dawning of a new day, the mercies of God abiding with us all, most times I wonder how all these miracles happen, you close your eyes to sleep and before you know it, its dawn…. a fresh day is born, little do people appreciate the dawning of a new day. Have you ever taken pains to watch the sunset? Or dawning? It’s an awesome wonder that must be acknowledged.

Take some time to appreciate nature and watch the mirage of life.

I share this piece from a friend’s blog… khanvibes.blogspot.com


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2 responses to “A NEW DAWN

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