Some people completely do not know they can ‘fly’. So they never did

Some people had ‘flown’ before, but forgot how to. So they never remembered.

Some people know they can fly, but never try because they are surrounded by F-E-A-R and quit.

Some people want to see others ‘fly’ first before they ‘fly’. So they waited.

Some people wait for a mentor to teach them how to fly. So they waited.

Some people ‘flew’ before and fell down, so they claimed that ‘flying’ is dangerous and useless. So they whined and quit. But, some people are ‘flying’ everyday, looking below from the sky, overseeing everyone who is not ‘flying’ just because they took a step to fly……

I had taken my ‘flying’ lessons and fell many times. But now, I have discovered my wings again.

Have you started ‘flying’ yet?

What is your greatest fear in  life? failure? Lack? Poverty? well the moment you choose which works for you, the earlier you gain life, Dare to fly talks about the will of doing thinsg  no matter how hard it is, the zeal to go on and the desire to succeed.

Last week we finished from the office and bidded all farewell, later friday night we learnt that our colleague lost all he had as an inferno razed down his apartment, caused by an electrical fault in an air conditioning unit. All a man toiled for in the past 10 years gone up in flames in 3 hours, yeah 3 hours, the taste and the fun of fixing an apartment, to make it more saddening, he is supposed to get married in 3 weeks. but what would he do? fly or sit? its no option, as far as there’s life flying should be our next and only alternative.

Whatever the situation is, whatever the issues are, dare to fly, cut off the branch that has limited you all the while and fly, soar like you never done and hope for the best.

Wole Emeya, its gonna be ok…relax pal and soar cos you got it.


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4 responses to “DARE TO FLY

  1. T-I-G-H-T!!! Your site is definitely unique layout holding clear images, written to the point giving your site a tight professional feel ..

  2. Love the opening piece about ‘flying’!. Nice blog you have here Joseph

  3. i take a fancy pitch upon it DARE TO FLY | Josephekwu’s Weblog now im your rss reader

  4. Jay

    very inspirational. Optimistic. A positive attitude is essential to find success. You have to take the first step to take the next one. You must dare to fly and ignore anything negative that prevents you from doing so.

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