Life may not be fair but God is. When we look back at 2010, there are experiences that may not have been palatable but through it all we came through the year with hope rekindled for a better 2011. As we reflect on the things we came through, life experiences, hard knocks, setbacks in career, business and may be the death of a loved one, we may sometimes conclude that life has treated us unfairly but this morning through it all remember you are valuable. You must be determined not to allow life experiences rob you of your potentials. You are gifted, valuable and talented to fulfill a purpose in your sphere of influence.

 There is a treasure in you that we all need. You must endeavor to be your best for the benefit of your world. Don’t look down at yourself with disdain and trivialize all that you have. It may look insignificant, irrelevant, and invaluable to you but it is precious to all of us. You must not lose your identity and give in to failure when your environment speaks to you in a hostile manner. You must appreciate the intrinsic value you possess. Recognize that words are a convener of value; they paint pictures and build your self esteem. As we begin this New Year, meditate on those things that are “good, pure, lovely, and virtuous and of good report“. Don’t allow images of your past failure hunt and limit you. Shake yourself up from the ashes of failures, setbacks and learn to begin again.

 I met with a friend of mine who talked a lot about life and how he is not getting what he wants out of life, I wondered for a while what the problem could be, but I knew he wasn’t feeling it any longer and so he blamed God for all the things he is not seeing, I tried to make him understand that life comes with its ups and down, how you react to these things determine to a large extent who you really are. Do you sit back and give up when it seems all is about to drop, do you stand up to face it all head on. It is not so very easy like I say, I have once been in the dark side where nothing seems to be working, I prayed, I cried and I worked, the best thing is to believe in God, trust him totally and make your life count for him, remember you cannot do it alone, you need his grace, so no matter how today is, look on the brighter side and smile.

 You are not at the finished line yet; everyday is a plus to maximize your God given potentials. This year, rise above every limitation in your thoughts, begin to see a new you, get back into your career path, take that professional examination again, give it your best shot in business, consider a relationship again, be the best God designed you to be and rise above people’s negative opinions about you. Opinions most of the time are cheap while convictions are rare.

 Don’t give up on yourself, the dreams, the opportunities that present themselves because of recurring negative circumstances; your best days are just about to begin. “I am confident that He who started a good work in you is able to complete it”. The stories of your life are yet to be written. Be encouraged in the New Year.


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4 responses to “STAY POSITIVE

  1. I like this site for it’s positive message to it’s visitors. I’ll be back to another look. Well Done Joseph..

  2. Nice photos, great content, layout, you have a great site here! Thanks for the great uplifting message..

  3. Very nice site and motivating, also you have interesting stuff about Nigeria..

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