There was once a king, who received a gift of two magnificent falcons from Arabia. They were peregrine falcons, the most beautiful birds he had ever seen. He gave the precious birds to his head falconer to be trained. Months passed and one day the head falconer informed the king that though one of the falcons was flying majestically, soaring high in the sky, the other bird had not moved from its branch, since the day it had arrived. The king summoned healers from all the land to tend to the falcon, but no one could make the bird fly. He presented the task to a member of his court, but the next day, the king saw through the palace window that the bird had still not moved from its perch. Having tried everything else, the king thought to himself, “May be I need someone more familiar with the countryside to understand the nature of this problem.” So he cried out to his court, “Go and get a farmer.” In the morning, the king was thrilled to see the falcon soaring high above the palace gardens. He said to his court, “Bring me the doer of this miracle.” The court quickly located the farmer, who came and stood before the king. The king asked him, “How did you make the falcon fly?” With his head bowed, the farmer said to the king, ” It was very easy, your highness. I simply cut the branch, where the bird was sitting.”

We were all made to fly but we need to realize this incredible potential as human beings. We cannot afford to sit on our branches, clinging to the familiar things in our lives. The possibilities of this world are endless, but for most people, these remain undiscovered. When we conform to the familiar, the comfortable and the mundane, we miss out on God’s best for our lives and settle for mediocrity, instead of an exciting, thrilling and fulfilling life. This week, we must learn to destroy the branch of fear and the other things we cling to so as to free ourselves to the glory of flight. The best days are still ahead of you. God always has His best in mind for you only if you can acknowledge and take advantage of them through the principle of recognition. Your gifts will surely make room for you as you cash in on your windows of opportunities in 2011!

In life we limit ourselves, we create barriers for ourselves and make it impossible for us to soar high, except we remove that mind limitation we would never get anywhere in life, where you are today is a result of your thoughts and how it has influenced you. If you sow positive seeds in your mind, you would reap positive results, if you sow negative seeds the rest is history. The mind is like a garden, if not properly cultivated, weed would take over, if you leave your mind unattended to, bad and evil thoughts would over grow it. The sky is big enough for birds of your caliber to fly, where do you see yourself, what do you have in mind about you, a popper or a millionaire? What is greatest fear? Loosing or winning? For me I have positioned myself for success, so never be surprised what you see of me, my tomorrow is so bright right in my mind and soon it would come out.

Break off that branch and let the inner you fly, let it soar high to please the king our God, yes He has giving you the potentials and would be glad and elated to see you use it profitably.

See you on top.


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6 responses to “WHY WALK WHEN YOU CAN FLY?

  1. I was amazed at the post on your blog “Why walk when you can Fly”. The story is great and the message inflicts great influence over anyone else.

  2. The site loads fast, that’s good. i suggest you to promote it also to ExTraffic.org .

  3. Deo

    Hi Joseph the blog is nice.well it took some seconds to load the home page because of the images.think about somebody having a low speed net connection, so try reducing the image size and compress it to load it faster..

  4. Good photographs to support articles; allows a lot of input from the public; the story of how the falcon was made to fly by the farmer captures the readers’ interests. I think this is a well presented blog that should continue to attract more people.

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  6. Lee

    FUNNY OPENNING STORY, I DID NOT RED THE WHOLE BLOG, but if you go political and remind what the colonials did they did it in the middle east also now the USA is trying to”fix IT” (we Need to stay out) .

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