Do not be shaken by the supposed promotion, success and placement of your contemporaries, colleagues, and friends. Regardless of where you are, God is God and your own very times are in His hands. Do not compare yourself to others and feel depressed because they seem to have progressed way beyond you. Do not allow their progress to be a source of depression to and for you but celebrate the goodness of the Lord in the life of others because He is not a respecter of persons. Be happy for others as you also work towards your big picture knowing full well that your life and future is in God’s hands and He will promote you in due time.

A couple waiting for their or someone waiting to start their own family or another desiring promotion at work, while another looking in anticipation for establishment in the business arena may sometimes be depressed because their contemporaries have made seemly significant progress. I’m sure you know it’s possible that years of waiting can be wiped away with the gift of a twin or triplet pregnancy, a referral for service or a recommendation by someone who has been beneficiary of our service.

Your contemporaries may be striking profitable deals and smiling to the bank but your story is different at the moment because your business is struggling in getting ahead from the pack. This week no matter where you stand in the midst of these scenarios highlighted, don’t compare yourself with others. Your life is different from theirs. Be assured that all things are working together for your good and will result in your favorable outcome. You must learn to enjoy where you are at the moment, while you engaged in concerted efforts to work towards your desired haven.

The best days are still ahead of us, never, never give up and you need not to be discouraged, no matter how rough things may seems.

Enjoy your week!


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4 responses to “BE CONFIDENT

  1. Very good, insightful articles. best wishes.

  2. Interesting topics and well written. Will visit when I have more time..

  3. Great content, well put together site..

  4. Confidence is must for survival as well as for the success in the life. Very well written blog. Thanks

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