I attended a press briefing today, as part of my new found love for Digital PR, the client was Muoka foam, one of the leading Foam manufacturers in Nigeria, the company is unveiling its reward system as it set to give back to customers and appreciate them for continued loyalty and patronage.


Josephekwu Osodi shake hands with the MD Muoka Foam, Peju Adebajo alongside other bloggers after the Press conference.

Lagos, November 22, 2010:

As part of its end of year activities, Mouka Limited, manufacturers of high quality mattresses, bedding products and other leading edge polyurethane products in Nigeria has unveiled a reward programme for its numerous customers and distributors nationwide.

Speaking at a media parley to unveil the reward packages, Mrs. Peju Adebajo, Managing Director/Chief Executive Officer of Mouka Limited stated that the Winstanta promo is designed to give instant rewards to customers. She emphasized its uniqueness saying it provides instant rewards at the point of purchase without any raffle draw to customer.

Explaining the promo modalities, “everyone is a winner, customers are expected to buy N12, 000 worth of Mouka mattresses or pillows, you will be given a scratch card and what you see is what you win”, she said.

She further disclosed other reward packages which are Mouka Point Man promotion, targeted at Floor Shop attendants who prompt customers to buy Mouka products; and a promotion targeted at Foam Block Customers.

She said “Mouka recognizes the efforts of these floor shop attendants and therefore reward them with the Point Man promo,” Speaking further, for every 25 Mouka mattresses sale they make, they are rewarded with gifts.

Block Customer promotion is aimed at rewarding the distributors who deal in Block sales and have remained loyal to the Mouka brand. Prizes for this promo are redeemed every month.

Speaking also at the event, Mr. Jude Abonu, Head of Commercial, Mouka Limited, re-emphasized the company’s mission which is to be the clear leader in the polyurethane business by creatively developing quality products for its customers. “Adding comfort to life is the archetype for the Mouka brand,” he said, adding that Mouka has achieved its milestones hand in hand with her loyal customers.

Over the years, Mouka Limited has remained constant at delivering quality and reliable products that have met the various demands of the consumers and well as promoting sales for the distributors.  The all new designs of Mouka Legend and Flora mattresses were re-launched recently across Nigeria to meet the demands from the teeming consumers and their lifestyle,” Abonu said.

Mouka Winstanta and other Promos would run from November 10, 2010 through January 15, 2011.

About Mouka Limited

With production facilities in Lagos, Benin and Kaduna, Mouka Limited is a leading Nigerian manufacturer of polyurethane-based products. A highly successful commercial enterprise with a pan-Nigeria supply chain, the company now has a strong share of the household and industrial foam market in Nigeria and the ECOWAS sub-region. The ‘Mouka’ brand has indeed become synonymous with quality in these markets. Founded in 1972 by the Moukarim family which retained a 100% stake in the company until 2007, Mouka Ltd currently employs over 1000 persons across its various locations. The company’s positive impact on people and the environment continue to grow. Through its corporate and institutional efforts, and using its Mouka Academy, the company is a major contributor to the social and economic landscape of Africa’s most populous market.

The Moukarim family divested some of its equity to Actis, an international private equity firm, which acquired a 67% stake of Mouka Ltd, in 2007. The Actis acquisition has paved the way for a new management team and enabled the injection of modern production technology and more efficient manufacturing techniques, tools and processes.


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  2. Musclebuilding

    This is very useful info. Thanks for writing it.

  3. Musclebuilding

    I love your posts. Awsome resource.

  4. Zianab

    Hello Joseph,
    This is a good program by a good foam company, please I am planning to get a foam this period, what would I win?

    Good job guys

  5. Emeka Agwu

    Muoka foam is good, I have one and love sleeping on it, bouncing is my thing, 🙂

    I am so scared of fake, so how can you guarantee the original?

  6. Patrick

    This post is cool, Mouka rewards, there is need for diverification of ideas, Vitafoam is still leading, but you guys have room to play in the market.


  7. im really impressioned from this great job that u ve done for nigeria.. dont hesitate to promote your site to my chat rooms for free

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  9. ezes

    mouka foam is good i have one i am using.

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