Whoever conceptualized this ad deserves commendation. For real please people. If he or she is not promoted for this singular demonstration of creativity, then no one ever should. Squeezing more than 60 years into a compact one minute documentary is a feat, if ever there was one. The first time I saw this ad, I was totally blown off, how did they come up with such jaw dropping creative? This is a show of professionalism in our industry. It shows we are ripe for the world to see exactly what we are offering.

We have been criticize for doing badly across board but from what I saw it is evident that the best is coming, the star Nigeria @ 50 advert is one of the best Advert I have seen since the Bank PHB cars would drive on water someday.

Star is the leading beer brand in Nigeria, although Harp from Gulder is doing well to compete with this brand, but the mark is clear, distinction is obvious. But we must give it to them. The Star ad told the story of Nigeria in a one minute advert. Anyone who has read the history of this country can see the milestones and the hallmarks of the nation’s existence in this documentary. Star commenced operations in 1946 and although older than Nigeria, positioned itself as a drink that has been used to celebrate these national milestones.

The story shows the transformation of Star, from the days when carton was used to pack the beer, when the funny truck was used to convey the beer, they even travelled through the half destroyed Niger Bridge, a result of the civil war (the high point), this did not hinder the distribution of the nation’s favourite drink, and the beauty is the capture of these trucks. I love the part when the Union Jack was lowered and the Nigerian flag flew for the first time, the smile on the drivers face is worth more than a million bucks.
If you notice the driver stayed young all through the ad, showing the consistency of the brand, over the years and over time the brand has maintained the youthfulness and at 50 you would only notice it’s his shirt that changed signifying the change of bottle and wrap of the star.

I duff my hat for the team that put in hours and days to get this ad to execution stage, and I’m glad Nigerian breweries appreciated it to air it.
Good work guys, keep it up


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4 responses to “STAR’s NIGERIA @ 50 AD

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