OWN A NOKIA C3…..Question 5

Finally those itching fingers can now drop all the lines, all the answers and every comment you need to drop as regards the competition, behold the final question that gives you room to answer all the questions.


Everything you need for your NOKIA is right here except?

(a) Ovi Store

(b) Ovi Chat

(c) Ovi Street

Now you can drop al those lines and submit your answers to ekwu_2000@yahoo.com, this would collated and reviewed, the winner would be contacted on the 6th of September and then an invite would be sent.

The Nokia C3 is here to stay, it is the solution for instant messaging and social networking, where you can access eveything right from the home page, it is more fun and all the wonderful services would be given at a very low charge cheaper than what you can imagine, the phone itself is very cheap, durable and cute, including extremely functional.

I expect you all the pick a copy from your reliable shop as soon as the phones hit the stand, I would be available to ping with everyone of you, to discuss all about the new Phone, so hurry, you can reach me on my active lines stated in my widgets.


The Friendly NOKIA C3,… Enjoy 🙂

Josephekwu signs out…………….

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