OWN A NOKIA C3…..Question 3

The heat is on and the calls keeps coming in, as the admin of this site, I have the priviledge of deleting some early comments, so I have done that to a few impatient fans, well I forgive you for doing this, its difficult to hold on when a phone like the NOKIA C3 is up for grabs, hold on to the answers and I’d hear from you soon.


Which of these can you get for FREE on your Ovi Store?

(a) Games

(b) Sweet and sour cream

(c) Umbrella

Well i’d like to get a sweet and sour cream in the Ovi store only if I know where the store is……. šŸ™‚

Guess what would you get there pls…..keep your answers till the last day

Josephekwu signs out…………


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3 responses to “OWN A NOKIA C3…..Question 3

  1. Stephen

    I feel like licking some ice cream so maybe I would pick that …..Joseph I’m feeling this blog man

  2. Bells

    I love this site and the competition online for a brand like this is new, I see your blog on top in Google, welldone, hope you keep up with this pace.

  3. Tunde Adegba

    Nice site, cool idea for the brand, way to go blogger

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