OWN A NOKIA C3 here…


Hello Guys, it’s so good to sigh after a busy schedule, my desk has been full and then I my friend Ore has called several times, well I understand Ore, and I am delighted to inform you that the much anticipated is here…

You can be among the lucky winners who would own a brand new Nokia C3, the revolutionary social networking and instant messaging tool coming to Nigeria soon.

The competition opens next week and all you need to do is visit this site everyday next week and stand a chance of owning one of the best gadgets ever. From Monday August 30th through Thursday September 2nd 2010, this site would host questions where you are required to answer the questions and you win….so simple.

The first person to send in the correct answers to ALL questions wins the phone and a ticket to the major launch of the phone in Lagos. Please note that only answers sent AFTER ALL the questions have been posted will be valid, so you might want to pen down your answers and visit this site everyday till the last day.

The event promises to be a memorable one as stakeholders from different industries would be in attendance.

I hope to see you win, so stay tuned, stay hook, keep clicking on Josephekwu’s weblog and you might just be the lucky one. See you at the event.

Below is the schedule for how the event would unfold, so now you know when to view this blog, 

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
12:00 noon 12:00 noon 12:00 noon 12:00 noon 12:00 noon
Question 1 to be posted Question 2 to be posted Question 3 to be posted Question 4 & 5 to be posted Background Check & Notification of winners
30th August 31st August 1st September 2nd September 3rd September

Josephekwu signing out…….


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7 responses to “OWN A NOKIA C3 here…

  1. Clifford

    Hmmm, I’m gearing up for the challenging waiting patiently, hope 12noon is the time cos I would be here.

  2. Aminat

    I love the hype on this phone, Joseph are you being paid for this? lol 🙂 But its all good I hope to buy the phone though

  3. Ogechi

    I am not really interested in the Quiz although I would attempt it but how much would it really go for, hope it would be cheaper then the BB cos my friends would not let me rest

  4. Julia

    Nice site, well arranged and I love your header, New Naija, Joseph I love your site can I call you?

  5. Alexandra

    Nice site, nice phone, excellent idea for the competition, Joseph you have a good blogging future

  6. Don

    nice one, nice digital marketing concept

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