Hey guys, I’m still loving the Nokia C3, and wanting everyone to grab one, I would like to share a piece from my colleague Yvonne with you all, it’s a discussion with her inner self, and I feel it’s worth sharing, we most times forget to learn that the inner man in us needs the attention we give out and I read this piece and feel we should all somehow create your own road to spirituality.


 “It’s quite amazing that when I look back at the four years I spent in university I begin to wonder what exactly I was thinking and would I have done a few things differently. Being in university it was very difficult to mix spirituality and a social life without getting everything wrong. It is hard to do anything concerning spirituality but when you are driven and determined you would accomplish it. Growing up I always thought it was okay to make as many mistakes as I wanted because God is a merciful and forgiving God and he will understand, it took me time to know that some mistakes can be avoided. As I was in university, I was having a major struggle with the ways of the world and that of God. But when I will remember I will go back and pray hard and beg for forgiveness, I believe I had the wrong and right set of friends because the right ones always brought me back but the wrong ones had a way of making me see that it’s right to do to do the wrong things.

  I am a socialite I like to have a good time and have drinks and chill with friends but you see the problem is that what fail to know is that anything done in excess is the beginning of your problems and  the  build gap between u and God. There is nothing wrong in having a good time and chilling with your friends it is what you do there that is the problem. I have had people at intervals talk to me about how to live my life and what to do. But the truth is that till you experience some certain things and learn how to decipher wrong from right you can never see the right in what people are saying. I love fashion I love looking good but above all I love God.

 You are probably wondering if I did all those things in excess yes I did at some point in time of my life. The major thing was always having my reality check MY FAMILY. I am glad that I have them I did not always make my friends my priority I made my sisters my best friends. And my mum my counsel and my brother my attitude check on the dos and don’ts it has always worked for me and it still is. God has placed your family there for a reason and don’t let good things pass you by because you can’t see your family’s usefulness. Your family will never condemn you or judge you just like God will do the same. Before I accomplished all this I had to learn to love myself first, and understand that God made me the way I am. Then everything will fall into place. the truth is that we can never know had to weed out the bad ones but God will always make a way of letting you know what is wrong and weed out the bad ones. My mummy always says it’s not about the length of your prayer it’s your sincerity that matters, as little as God bless me in the morning or good morning Jesus I just want to say thank you and bless my day and bless me.

 As I was in school yes I won a lot of awards for being the best dressed, beautiful till the very day I graduated. But my maximum satisfaction came when I got my certificate from church from being recognized as giving something back to God and community. I remember when I joined the ushers it was a shock to everybody. I wanted to do something for God I wanted to be remembered not only for my beauty and brains but also for my spirituality, I even made my friends join, Then everyone wanted to be in our chapel because they couldn’t understand why and how all these fine girls /party gals were here humbly doing God’s work. It felt Good and wonderful at the same time to be a part of all this. Sometimes I will back slide but when I do I have people reminding me of how beautiful it is to be in God.

 It is extremely easy to do the wrong things but doing the right is the hardest, I believe that if I could do it then anyone can, till today am still struggling to keep at it. It’s not easy trust me I know I will get to my maximum salvation very soon. So help me God.”

 What more can I say?…….


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  1. Good effort and content.. ^_^.

  2. that post is really impressive
    take a moment and read my blogging tips

  3. Joseph,

    It was so good to hear from you on my recent blog post. I appreciate your comments and mostly your friendship … your spirtual friendship!

    Thanks for this young woman’s story. I really like it and could really identify with the realism of spirtual living.

  4. A very motivating,interesting site..

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