DSTV knocks HITV off EPL


Hey guys this post might not be the best of my post as I write in a sad mood, ooohhh I am really sad, I was expecting to have a good season ahead, I mean the coming English Premier league expected to kick off on the 14th of August 2010.

I am a loyal subscriber of HITV, the indigenous pay TV, and have been enjoying the EPL since I got the decoder, I was excited when HITV bought over the rights of TV from rival DSTV who have monopolized the market like forever, well I never knew the joy would be short lived, news reaching me says DSTV has gotten back the right to show the EPL in Nigeria for the next 3 seasons, currently I’m in Ebonyi state on official duties, I decided to rest over the weekend, and watch the television up on till I resume my busy schedule tomorrow, and the hotel has DSTV, they make it so painful for me by hyping  the win every 5 minutes, and anytime they show the clip, it’s like a huge nail is driven into my skin, I just feel like changing the channel, well it’s a sad development I have to cope with.

The Public relations officer of Multi choice Nigeria the parent company of DSTV the platform on which the matches would be aired said the deal was sealed after negotiations by both parties, Segun Fayose said: DSTV now has exclusive rights to broadcast the EPL for 3 seasons, starting from August.

HITV is yet to officially respond to this development. Currently HITV has the right to the UEFA champion’s leagues and the EUROPA cup matches in Nigeria, but who knows if they can hang to it or lose this to its rival. HITV paid over the top to gain this right and now it’s so gone.

My pain is: could this be a Nigerian thing cause I can’t understand why such an investment would be lost like that, over 80% if Nigerian male youth watch football and English clubs have dedicated followership, so this already is a need which HITV would have tapped into. I once had a heated argument on this rivalry with a friend and I totally defended HITV maybe because I am a loyal fan, his point was that HITV had no content order than Soccer,” what more can they boast of” he asked, the influencers need something to watch, decision makers also need a channel of choice, well I guess he was right after all, Soccer and HITV goes to sleep, knowing that DSTV would sit back strategizing how to get back the right, and now it’s so gone. I feel bad though but the truth must be said, HITV get your acts together and make the comeback of all times, (I wish)

The Barclays Premier League is ranked as the biggest continuous annual sporting event in the world, followed by over 3 billion fans and broadcast to more than 500 million homes. There are vast fan bases across Nigeria, at least for teams like Manchester United, Arsenal, Liverpool and Chelsea. The league has also spawned various viewing centres across all nooks and crannies of the country.

Supersport Chief Executive Officer in Nigeria, Imtiaz Patel commenting on the acquisition of the EPL rights noted:

“Nigeria will be one of the very first countries to receive the 24-hour content service. We are delighted to lead the way with our partners at the Premier League and associates in Nigeria”.

My dear HITV, I miss watching the EPL with you guys guess I’d have to but your rival…I hate to say that…

In closing I would like to say this:

What is the hope of an average Entrepreneur in Nigeria in competition with foreign companies, Our Naija loyalty is 0%, we can never grow this way, at least not in this generation. Before the end of the month I will renew my HITV subscription for as long as possible. Every country supports its own brand and products NOT in naija and we want to grow, it’s laughable

Josephekwu signing out……………….



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13 responses to “DSTV knocks HITV off EPL

  1. Adeola M Adekojo

    Its a pity that HiTV entered into a ‘buying all at all cost’ without considering the financiers. I wish the company who pride itself only on EPL and greedily holding on to it as if its not for sale … choosing who to sell to and who not to sell to instead of selling openly and recouping the unimaginable and outrageous figures committed “on behalf” of and by the banks and other investors have put into it, now has to grasp with survival tricks having lost out to its competitor, will have employed a prudent management at inception ….in business the best teacher is losing your money because of knowledge lack/knowing it all and my model is the best…better luck in future HITV.

  2. Kay

    Good riddance to Hitv and their stupid channels…mr subair didn’t remember the adage about putting all your eggs in 1 basket…at d time wen they virtually forced us 2 buy their crap they shud hv invested in other channels as well and now the joke is on them…when would nigerians learn?

  3. Muhammad Nur

    I candidly think Supersports deserved to be given the rights. They are more innovative, have more Picture Quality and supports Nigerian Football. To compete well I think we need to always give our best with all sincerity. HiTv should go and prepare their house before making a bid for the 2015 season.

  4. Joshua Uteme

    Its a pity HiTV lost d right of premiership. It was obvious that they will not stand in terms of time becos they refuse 2 develop their program content. They 4got that after football u will watch other programs. Secondly, the sudden increase of their subscription made it difficult 4 them 2 keep their subscribers. My advice is 4 them 2 work on their content and reduce their subscription to 4k.

  5. wale bilewu

    I appreciate what you guys have said so far, but let’s face the fact HITV got it all wrong from the start.Instead of providing a competitive alternative to DSTV, it’s mission was to run DSTV out of the market by thinking that pay TV is all about EPL.MYTV, another pay TV has been able to survive in the Nigeria market market in spite of EPL because of it’s pocket friendly pricing.HITV could have come up with good pricing, good programming and good management to make it the Nigeria thing.At 6k/month you will agree it is still on the high side vis a vis DSTV.This should serve as a lesson to others.

  6. Ugo

    During last season EPL, i watch matches of my favorites clubs at veiwing centers and still pays my DSTV subscription. HITV can you beat that? You have to give nigerians a reason to be addicted to your channels not just buying the whole of EPL rights. DTSV is over a decade now, HITV just try a decade pleaseeeee, it is not all about money money where your channels suck! Take your time and Improve then you will see the different even without EPL rights.

  7. Matthew

    Pardon my question. Is it true dat daarsat has gone out of business? If so we need help in this country.

    Please what is happening? can someone get a thing without been run outta business?

  8. You (or your friend) already mentioned the important thing: Hitv has no content. None. I knew this was coming and when I got the news the only person I could think of was someone whom I’ve always shared Hitv’s short sightedness with, my boss. We talked of how flat our dear Hitv is, their lack of creativity, their reliance on soccer alone in a world filled with so much content and their special love for dry channels like SET! Or how does one explain a cable channel that shows old movies over and over again when DSTV has MMs, AFMagic(s) and the like? I even heard that their so-called Customer Service guys even attend to subscribers like their helping them! What kind of a foward-looking company acts like that? Loyalty or no loyalty, Nigerians deserve something that they can be proud of not some TV that paints itself in our flag, appealing to sentiment. This is a good way to learn I think.

    • Very deep, I feel the tension and pain in your lines, well this is sad for us, but as you said its a good way to learn, the content issue has lingered for too long and loosing out in the EPL race is a blow, subscription has dropped now, so bad…

      Subair please look up and hope to come back….improve pal

  9. i want to watch live match

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  11. Absolutely. Want dstv and hitv. To. Come. Blackberry so that are can watch. Dstv and hitv programmes yes. Iwant to here. You. From soon. Yes

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