Life drives you in different locations at different times

Sometimes when I dream I see the best things in life, and I wish the dream would never end, suddenly I wake and reality hits, but it doesn’t take so long for the dream to come alive, I live my dreams, knowing that things are not usually what they seem, but the growth I have experienced in my life has been my greatest motivation.

 I remember watching a movie, “The Secret” and since then I have directly lived under the principles of the greatest law in life, “The law of attraction” the law states that whatever you get in life you attract to yourself, well most people I meet, I try to show this experience with them, and hint them on my experience in life, how directly and indirectly things I have gotten and where I am now was a direct reflection of what I actually wanted and what I craved for, well this is so true.

 I met a man whom since then has changed my life, Akinwande Ademosu, well most people might not actually know him as I call him the BTL genius, he is the MD/CEO of CREDIT DIRECT LIMITED, where I currently work, my pastor always talk about few Nigerians who started a business from nothing and made something out of it, well this is one of the few people who have done that, the company has grown and outlived those who never believed that it would well, this extremely gentleman who anyone would want to shelve because the Nigerian quality of Pride and show off isn’t actually his thing, I remember a trip we went for and as we met with officials that were to assist us, one of them asked, where is your MD, he learnt he was coming, or are we still expecting him? Meanwhile he was asking the man himself, this goes to show how humble and simple this young man is, well when he learnt that the MD was just beside him, his countenance changed and I’m sure he wondered how on earth a man of his caliber would be so simple.

 Akin as he is fondly called has been my mentor since I met him, I try to copy his lifestyle, well on a serious note this is a huge task, cos daily I see a lot he goes through and he still has time to smile, and a lot of time to share laughs with his staff, this is the most essential stuff needed for the position and he freely exhibits them. He handles issues with so much expertise, and knows something about everything and everything about something, last week were preparing for out monthly meeting and when we presented some hard core account figures to me, (I’m so hating calculations) he looked through and in a second a found out that a calculation was wrong, the guy who presented the paper could not help but ask; Akin did you study accounting? Well shockingly he didn’t, but that shows you how vast he is.

 I give you an deep insight about this man because I aim to become the CEO of a company, and how I met this man shocks me, well I did and he is thoroughly guiding me to achieving me dream, I learn everyday from what he does, and the most exciting part of working with him is that firm hand and good smile he gives you when you get a great job done, he says and I quote “Good job Joe, welldone” this is so fulfilling and even when I have lost all the strength in me, I find some deep seated energy surge up and keeps me back on my feet.

 I write this post to let you know that whatever you have in your mind and you strongly desire would certainly come to reality, just like a camera prints only what appears on the film, so life prints out only what appears on our mental film, if continuously you see, imagine and dream about poverty, trust me life would be glad to print that out in good quality, same thing happens when you see yourself in abundance, life just dishes it out for you in abundance, I live my dream as a direct result of what God has given me, the power to create my world, I am walking with his direction, and I know the best is yet to come, where are you in life and what is happening, do you like where you are and what is happening to you? Well just think about your thought and trust me you would see that you have created your world yourself.

 I would give you a practical example (well it’s more fiction than real) the story of Aladdin and his lamp, you notice that once Aladdin rubs the lamp, the Genie says “Your wish is my command” that’s all he says, so what you need to do is just ask, you should not bother about the how, the Genie never said, what do you want and also how do you want me to go about it, that is really not any of our business, well I put it straight to you, the universe is saying “Your wish is my command” so go ahead and ask. That’s all it takes. See you on top guys.


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4 responses to ““YOUR WISH IS MY COMMAND”

  1. Loved the eyes. Loved the colors, absolutely great layout.

    Good story, attraction is it

    Welldone blogger

  2. Nice graphic with web content of a wide variety of subjects. Interesting and enjoy it. Post them more. Thanks.

  3. A lovely blog post:)

    I believe in the Law of Attraction and since I started using the principles of “The Secret” I have started my own business and everything I visualised is coming true:)

    I am now a jewellery designer, I have celebrities wearing my designs and things keep getting better and better. It works for me too:)

    • Hey Zara,

      Thanks for visiting my blog and so happy to know that someone shares in my new found law, its cool to know that celebrities wear your designs.

      The best is yet to be heard, you would make it certianly…just attract it.


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