Guy do you watch the ongoing FIFA World cup? I guess yes! It is the world cup again, so much buzz, so many cameras, so much has been talked about and so many preparations gone down, now it’s here, with the thrills, moves and excitement and vuvuzela’s. some big names have been shocked with losses and others have won with a slim margin, Germany put up a brilliant performance against Australia favored to win the World cup, also USA lived up to expectation when they held England to a 1-1 draw, Japan shocked Cameroun with a 1-0 win and Italy managed a 1-1 draw with Paraguay. Gyan led Ghana to a 1-0 defeat of Serbia.

Nigeria against all odds lost to Argentina 0-1, the game was one of the most interesting match of the tournament, but personally I am impressed with the performance of the super eagles, for the first time they lost and sport journalist didn’t slaughter them, I saw a new super eagles, the same spirit in the Atlanta winning side, that shocked the world, the same spirit that beat Brazil, same was exhibited on Saturday, there was just a 1 minutes loss of concentration and the Argentines capitalized on it, Messi tried all he could but didn’t get past the brilliant Enyeama, who stood the post throughout. He did a fantastic job which won him the player of the match award. The introduction of Martins and Odewinge boosted the team but was kind of late to get a goal. But I am so certain this team would go places.

Brazil was held on for a very long time until Maicon scored a shocker, a ball which we all thought had gone out, he was so overwhelmed that he broke down in tears, well the shot from JIN the Korean would certainly have dried up his tears. The most shocking match now is that between Spain and Switzerland, with the breed of stars they have, they lost. Well it goes to show that determination pays off. Portugal played out a draw with Ivory Coast, likes of Didier Drogba, Christiano Ronaldo , Carvalho, Ferriera, Tiago and some fine breed of star adorned the pitch.

For all the excitement I got from this tournament, one thing really made me smile, the half time advert from FCMB, my Bank and I, very lovely and brilliant concept, I was blown off watching it, a man dressed in suit and Tie but wore a jersey short and football boots, the theme was share the passion, so brilliant, so no matter where you are share the passion with the super eagles, thumbs up guys, good one.

Go enjoy a few clips from the world cup as we wait for more.

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