This is a very hot topic and I wonder why I am even getting into it, well this has nothing to do with a personal experience, there are some chic’s who would not sure say NO, no matter what the circumstance, it is believed that whenever some is madly in love he/she could do anything or rather go to any length to make his/her spouse happy.

I agree but only to an extent. It’s unimaginable for a babe who claims that she is deeply in love with a guy to open her legs wide and allow him plunge inside her anywhere, and at anytime. In an office toilet, fast food toilet, behind a car parked at the road side at night, under the staircase, in an uncompleted building, the list is endless for this obscure lovemaking. I would simply call that foolishness. What kind of sexual urge or passion would make a girl stoop so low as to have sex in the toilet of an eatery? For crying out loud, these are public places. Sex is a sacred act (for the married) that should be enjoyed in the confines of your bedroom, or in a cool cozy and private place.

I remember then in school, I would stroll home back from the library after reading and would see all sorts on the school field, hear a lot as I walk through and I wonder what on earth they are up to, I also remember a chic who the school called Givenchy….you know a giver…lol J she was on the list of every guy in the school, she was well endured with all…you know what I mean, she is found at odd places at odd times. But fun ran outta her one day when she went to visit a guy and they got their groove on, the friends knowing the act that was going down, had a pen hole where they would feed their eyes, but on this day they felt it would be good if they have their share of the cake, after she finished with the boyfriend, the other guys took turns to feast on the cake, funny the boyfriend was squatting with another friend so at the end of the day she gained fame as the General Overseer. She was so vulnerable to sex that guys saw her as tool for fun and took advantage of her, anytime the boyfriend is horny; he calls her up, and guess what she is there instantly. This was the deal until she caught HIV and died.

I would also tell you story I read in a magazine, some friends went out to a fast food joint to relax, they had barely spent 30 minutes in the joint when people started complaining that the ladies room was locked and has been like this for long,  everyone in the fast food was anxious to know who was inside that locked the door for so long, they feared that someone might have slumped inside so the management decided to use the spare key to unlock the door, alas when it was finally opened, lo and behold, two crazy lovers were found inside the toilet, shamelessly sweating it out, they were dragged out of the toilet in the full glare of the crowd, with everyone heaping all kinds of condemnable words on them. Why a fast food toilet of all places? was the question people asked but no one could reply. Some people love to do crazy adventurous things and I know some people reading this blog now would have done this or is thinking of doing something crazy, please spare yourselves the embarrassment. AIDS is real, Ladies trust me you can say NO, it won’t kill you.

This is call to decency, and it applies to both sexes, know that what you do today would directly reflect in your future, so count your steps carefully.

Thanks for reading.


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8 responses to “BABES WHO CAN’T SAY NO

  1. Philip Amta

    Guy…guy…this is such a post….I relate with school..i knew a chic who was the character you portrayed.

    She ended up pregnant.

  2. Oreoluwa Ettu

    True talk, but you know what they say…the fact that you could get caught adds to the excitement. (Lol)

    But are you sure the girl in your story is REAL? people don’t get HIV and die so quickly.

    • Ore, thanks for stopping by, I know people dont die easily, but she did and we just concluded that HIV was the cause, Pal how are you doing….I like that part where you say excited

  3. Nice insight into living in Nigeria. Although you could offend some people with your rant about sex in the bathroom!.

  4. GPT

    Great website. Interesting posts..

  5. I’m afraid your rant about sex in the toilet will only make those who are sensitive take offense and do nothing to cure the problem..

  6. Joseph, this is a stellar blog you created there! I love the diversity in and deep analysis of the topics. The “Babes Who Can’t Say NO” post rang a bell so loudly that I had to thank you for voicing an opinion different from the constant media lies about sexuality. Rock on, brother!.

  7. Nice blog.Simple layout and easy to navigate.Worth a look.

    Also visit my blog @ -James T.

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