Celebration underway

Hmmmm, where do I start now, finally Chelsea won the premier league after 4 year wait, I woke up today thinking how the game
would end, I was wondering, I went to church and had the game on my mind, my friend an Arsenal fan even when they don’t like Chelsea wished me luck and said he votes for Chelsea, that was when i knew the best is coming cos most rival teams would only wish us bad, well this is a good one, I am so happy, the game not only ended well, but gave me so much happiness as Chelsea won a whole lot, Chelsea won highest goal scorer, Drogba, Safest hand, Chec and finally the league, after a long wait I am now so happy that my team did so well.

The team demolished Wigan with a record breaking score line to seal the title race far beyond the reach of rival team Mancester unied, well guys come back next season. for Coach Ancelotti, it was a big win since this is his first season in the BBridge, it goes a long way to show what his team is made of, Drogba celebrates his hat trick as he totally destroyes the wigan defence, banbozing them with his perfect touch and stunning moves, brillant leg work,….even when some where not on point…well I give it to him …

This has proven the anti Terry fans wrong, even in the heat of all the scandal he led his team to the league title and so many accolades to go, and this is so cool, I am happy for him, well if you would judge by this then Ferdinand does not deserve the captainship…….oooppssss just thinking out loud.

More Celebration

I am also looking out for the FA cup title next weekend to see the outcome, for the past 5 matches, Chelsea has been nailing the opponents above 2 goals, well today was the land mark, 8 goals to nil, this is the biggest this season for Chelsea, and also Drogbas first hat trick this season, also Chelsea scored 2 spectacular goals from Anelka and Ashley Cole, I am totally grateful to these players for making my day, I sit down and thought how the day would have gone if Chelsea lost…l give it up to the team and the management staff…Congrats mates….Enjoy

Wigan defender sees Red


Drogba gets a Hat trick

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