Maurice Iwu, Former INEC Boss

Alas, the much anticipated change has come, the man who survived the axe of many leaders, and never cared about who was rallying for his removal, the man who is responsible for the election of many of the unwanted politicians in Nigeria, well I only stop to wonder why this guy would not leave in the midst of cries from the public. Prof. Maurice Iwu, was yesterday sent on disengagement leave by the federal Government. For me it wasn’t a shocking news as the acting President had dropped a hint after he returned from the U.S recently. The development came as politicians and some other Nigerians again identified obstacles to free and fair elections and national political stability.

Before now there has been high profiled lobbying and campaign for the re-election of the man but everything was doused yesterday when the man was kicked off the seat…ooppsss where are my manners? Immediately his removal was announced, his international passport was seized by the State Secret Service. He would not be allowed to travel until the commission’s accounts are audited. But I heard he has a dual citizenship..This for me is a move in the right direction, removing this man makes it another plus for Jonathan, the most essential thing any president with focus should do is to surround himself with the right people, because only right decisions would come out from them. This is what helped our former president Obasanjo.

Last week was another week of controversy for Nigeria as BBC aired a documentary on Nigeria which showed the deep poverty faced by the citizens, and in the midst of all the wealth and riches, there is no money, no food, no jobs, no roads, no water…..no President…ohhh sorry they had to fight before Goodluck was sworn in. Tears rushed down my eyes as I watched it, but then I knew that our leaders are wicked,…well this is a fact I had known for long, we need to spread the documentary round and pray the politicians who steal this money would see it and maybe…just maybe change.

Then after the documentary was aired, some Nigerians had to guts to demand an apology. Who should they apologize to? The child who runs after cars to sell packed snacks, whose parents can carter to as they have not eaten themselves? The student who graduated from school 5 years ago but still sits beside the road selling recharge cards and making calls at N20? Or should they apologize for the never power situation in Nigeria, where every house has a generating set and when you move around at night you hear different sounds from I better pass my Neighbor, to Mikano, to locally made generating sets. It’s so crazy and when I watch my digital satellite television, I see this song by Jay-Z and Alicia Keys, where they talked about New York, a part of the chorus says “these lights would inspire you…welcome to New York” what can we say for Nigeria,…..these darkness would scare you…Welcome to Naija.

The only way BBC would apologize is if those old eggs in power would step down and let the young vibrant 21st century youth take charge, Nigeria has so many young talented and exposed Nigerian that have travelled far and seen how things work and how well they work, but they come back home to continue the corruption spree. America is now been led by a young man, a young mind who has come to understand the dynamics of change. But we are still recycling our aged leaders, those who travel every week for check up. Where are we headed? What is next for us? The world cup is near, and from the look of things we have not built any home stars, players that have been groomed for the National team, they still recycle the likes of Papilo….oooopsss….Sorry I mean the man who has spent his last months trying to kick the ball during their club match.

I trust Goodluck Jonathan to make the change that Nigeria actually needs, just the way Singapore and Tanzania was transformed, and we would like to see that kind of radical change.

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  1. How do people remain optimistic about the future of this country?

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