For my ladies in the house, don’t think I mainly focused on issues in Nigeria. No, you’re not off the hook; I’ve got a lot to let you know.

I’ll start with the single girls. Have you been wondering why you cannot find a man, or what’s keeping men away from you. You may think it’s because of how you look, no darlings, these are some of the reasons;

1. Being a drama queen: You are always talking, you always want to have the last word, you’re always picking up a fight, you always want to prove right. Men don’t like that.  Your manners matters a lot to men. They like it when they feel they’re leading. So girls, step a little bit back, and listen. Forgive little things; stop creating troubles over things you should overlook. Be thankful over little things, a guy wants to feel he is appreciated. It doesn’t always have to be you; the world does not revolve only around you. 

2. Always criticizing Men: Like saying they’re all the same, arrogant, cheaters, pigs……attributing negative characteristics to men. Just because you had a bad experience with men in the past doesn’t mean that all of them are the same. There are a lot of good men out there. If you don’t believe that yours is also out there, you never gonna find him. You cannot have anything that you don’t believe in. So if you go around criticizing men, you’re basically saying you don’t believe that there’s any good man out there, and that’s why you are still single.

3. Intolerance: Learn to accept a man’s flaws. Remember he is human, and you are not perfect too. Don’t even try to mold him, you can’t make him! And if you insist you’ll only succeed in pissing him off. Tolerance is vital in a relationship (if you really want one).

4. Very demanding-high-maintenance girl: Do you always want to be taken to the most expensive restaurants in town?, or only want to accept expensive presents from a man?, do you want to be paid attention to every moment?. Believe me; you’ll wear a man out. Men love low-maintenance girls for keeps.

Ask yourself, what can you do for yourself? What can you do for a man? Focus on improving yourself. Be an asset to yourself and eventually to your man.


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14 responses to “WHY YOU DON’T HAVE A MAN YET

  1. Oboy o boy o boy……Cant wait to hear what the ladies have to say about this…..lol

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  3. His blog was interested to read about Nigeria…His blog on “why I can’t get a Man” was right on target..

    Joseph I know exactly what you are talking about and I associate with this post, welldone

  4. Interesting site,cool to hear about someone from your country and learn about other’s people views and culture..

    This post is lovely, but I would soon respond writing about the gusy too although this post is true but you should still talk about the guys,

  5. Anna

    Hey Blogger, you have done well, but how come you know all this about Ladies, I know guys like you, you feel you have a clue of all what is going on in our lives, but guess what you are right.

    I feel sad admitting to the truth, Good job

  6. Ore

    Nice one Kuku, I think the last statement swings both ways too. It’s like dancing, no matter how great a dancer your partner is, if you’re lacking it’ll always show

  7. This posting was spot on. I could not have said it better myself.

    We might have to guest blog on eachother’s site once day.

    Keep up the good work.
    -the Captain.

  8. Hey, I really enjoyed your site; I’ve never read a Nigerian blog before. Your article, “Why you don’t have a man yet” was true (and quite funny). Very perceptive. I also like the sentence “Osodi Joseph is extremely Nigerian.” in your about section. .

    Nice blog

  9. What a wonderful site, a great read, your writing style is second to none. I have added you as a favorite so tha I can return later and give your site the time it deserves. Best wishes Kind Regards Steve the Blogger

  10. This is a pleasure to read and get current information and updates on the happenings in Nigeria. Pleasant to find a variety of information here. Pictures of the oscars, a directive for women and all around very good writing and info. A good balance of topics and style. Great!.

  11. why don’t you have a man, i love to be given gifts like to taken out to the best places to eat, and when i’m with my man i am like me me me. but there are a lot of stuffs on your good and nice site that made me laugh..

  12. Joseph,
    Excellent! Great info I can pass on to my daughters.
    It was true and hilarious reading. Thanks!

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