5pm was the time and when they came out, they wore long faces and made no comments as was expected, only the minister of information, Dora Akunyili spoke without the company of her esteemed colleagues as is the custom, she simply announced “the acting President, Goodluck Jonathan has dissolved the Federal Executive Council”. The former minister of Labour, Ibrahim Kazaure, when asked about the outcome of the meeting, replied “I used to be the labour Minister” at this point it was clear that the untouchables have been removed, those who supposedly held the grip to our dear country have been put to shame. This is a healthy sign of good things to come I must say.

Exactly 38 days after he was proclaimed acting president by the National Assembly, Goodluck Jonathan yesterday disbanded the federal cabinet. This is coming 22 days after President Yar’Adua returned to the country under the cover of darkness. Last week I had an argument with my boss about Goodluck Jonathan, he said that the man was so weak and that he is taking instruction from the Governors Forum, even when I read my friends blog,( a regular reader rethots poured out his mind on the acting President saying he was been used, I knew from the onset that the man was only testing the ground, I mean its only reasonable to stand on one leg first when you get to a new location, he was only taking his time and within 38 days he has made some strategic changes that I perceive would turn Nigeria around, first it was the sack of the National security adviser, then this followed.

Michael Aondoakaa the newly transferred minister of special duties, who just returned to the country after his leave met with a big sack letter on return. He was attending his first FEC meeting as the special duties minister, I am so sure he was planning to renovate his new office and most likely sack some staff well he saw the big boot of Goodluck, hmm I know Goodluck’s boot would be so big.  this would have been the saddest news Aondoakaa would ever receive, a man above the law, (well I didn’t say that)
A few of the ministers have worked to undermine his authority since he took the mantle, and so they would be made to pay, imagine telling an acting president not to change the cabinet, they believe the country is their compound and they play games with our dear country, nothing works here, only yesterday another 13 people were killed in Jos, the people sponsoring these killings are yet to be brought to book, the most annoying thing is that these killers are so foolish that they collect money to kill innocent women and children. How dumb, well what do you expect from broke people.

There are a few ministers who might not make it back to the cabinet; they include minister of Petroleum, Agriculture and water resources who are all powerful fixtures in the Yar’Adua presidency. Behold the mighty have fallen, they that exalt themselves have been brought down, those who believe they are gods, have been disgraced, I am waiting to see. This is a welcome development in the right direction, things I believe would soon start getting better, if I am to recommend I would say he should recall Nuhu Ribadu, and make him the IG of police, he has a reputation for dealing with corrupt leaders (our major issue) and sanitize Nigeria, then bring back Nasiru El Rufai, to complete what he has started in Abuja and other cities. I believe we are getting there and the best is yet to come, for those who sponsor killing of innocent women and children in Jos, they should know that the end is here. Since the news of sack, there has been high profiled lobbying in Abuja, the seat of power as politicians scramble for a piece of the action, I am so sure sellers of Ghana-must-go bags would make it this period especially those who have their shops near the central bank, or Aso rock, for those of you who are interested in starting a new business, here is a good idea. 

I strongly appeal to the Niger Delta youths (my people) to exercise patience as the government is making plans for their welfare (well I think so).
I believe we should all support the acting president with our prayers and good will to help build a Nigeria of our dream, a Naija we would be proud of.


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  1. Well written blog. Took a time to work out which country you were talking about. Might be an idea to hightlight this at the start of the blog. Well done..

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