The Oscar 2010 was filled with fanfare, Glamour, and glitz, I would love to share a few clips from the event that would make interesting viewing. This year saw a woman go head with her Ex-husband and also won against all odds. Good work Lady.

Kathryn Bigelow steals the show

Bigelows Loot


Cute Charlize Theron

George Clooney with girlfriend

James Cameron playfully strangles his Ex-wife Bigelow....

Couple love

Gabourey Sidibe steps out in style


Lovely Chic


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12 responses to “THE OSCARS

  1. Monique deserved the win, hands down! Gabby was sure not to win; not because of fierce competition in her category, but I think she didn’t play her cards right when she, from the get-go, showed that she had absolutely nothing to do with her character in “Precious”. Theories, theories … 🙂 And Sandra looked flawless and gave a super cool speech.

    cool blog, bro 🙂

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  4. hi Joseph, love the look of your blog! nice and clean layout with some good content! love the pic of James cameron strangling his ex wife! keep up the good work buddy! all the best -Phillip Dews

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  9. Hey, very cool blog. I missed the Oscars and it was great to see all the pictures you posted chronicling the highlights. Keep up the good work! I enjoyed the visit!.

  10. Hi Joseph, Your blog is really interesting. The photos from the Oscars are fantastic. Monique rocks. The best article is the one about the President’s illness and the conflict between his mother and his wife. I wish your President a full and speedy recovery. Best of success. Lenore, goodnreadytogo.

  11. Nice blog good detail about celebs and sport stars.

  12. Well,nice site but it could be improved a bit!!! Best of luck for future

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