The remains of Jos

We wake up again with sad news from Nigeria, I have tried so much not to report any negative stuff from my country but the more I let go the more it comes straight at me, well for this I would not pass but just get the arrow straight to the heart. Before now Jos, Plateau state has been a calm city and the only time Jos was mentioned in the news, was only for Tourism or other celebration, but in recent times the city has been the battle front for all those who impatiently want to try out their locally manufactured ammunitions, as at this morning reports reaching us says over 500 people dead, in the crazy battle, and most of the dead are women and children, this is a shame for blacks that we would continue to kill our future over stupid issues. Moslems and Christians, and so what the big deal, we cannot leave in unity as they sleep half awake praying for survival.

What is the Governor doing and why would this become a trend in the once peaceful town, I know this is all strategic to frustrate all those in authority, but I must say that it is about time for the death of all this rubbish, a firm stand need to be taken in this regard, what do we fight for? Oil, power or what, those killing do not in any way value life and they take it at any time at any cost, they are the non entities in our societies, and if in retaliation, those Muslims in the south would become history.

I wish someday all this would pass, today the National security adviser Maj. General Abdul Sarki Mukhtar was sacked and replaced with his predecessor Lt. Gen Aliyu Mohammed Gusau, who was removed in 2006 and contested the PDP primaries in 2007. He has been mandated to take the Jos crises as his personal responsibility. He has a reputation being the NSA during the Obasanjo’s tenure, and he all knew that the peace was relative compared to what is happening now. This move baffled the elites who think the acting President Goodluck Jonathan was scared of tampering with the Exco as the Governors forums audaciously told him not tinker with the Federal Executive. I believe this would bring about a positive change in the volatile regions of Nigeria, the Niger Delta has been relatively calm all this while and I suggest the Muslims and trying hard to drag attention so that the Government would ask them to reconcile in an amnesty deal, but for crying out loud for what are they fighting? Why all this killings and we hope the south doesn’t retaliate with killing of Northerners around.

The worse is yet to be heard on the health of the President, Yar’Adua, sources say 4 heart experts arrived in the country yesterday to attend to the President whose condition has gotten worse since he returned from Saudi Arabia; also the Life support machine purchased for him has malfunctioned causing the family to scramble for a replacement. I like to ask if they bought him a fairly used machine. Abi na second hand Turai buy? It’s not up to a month he came back, but the work load has spoilt the machine, they should have gotten 2, to serve as stand by in events like this.

Britain, France and the united states seeks the prosecution of perpetrators of the Jos crises, this came as soldiers patrolled the streets to assess the death toll after attacks. Yesterday the inauguration of peace-building conference held in Jos attracted prominent Nigerians like Ernest Shonekan, Jonah Jang (Governor of Plateau State who is supposed to see to peace in his state) Yakubu Gowon, Shehu Shagari and Solomon Lar. They met to discuss the peace in the state and I am hoping this works out in our favour, we should strive hard to erase out name from the terrorist watch list, but with all this, I’m hoping we would just seat on top of the list looking pretty.

On the foreign scene, a devastating earthquake the fourth in 11 years yesterday swept through six villages in Turkey, killing 57 people. The earthquake with a magnitude of 6.0 which hit eastern Turkey knocked down houses in the affected areas. Among the victims were four young sisters. While in Pakistan a suicide car bomber struck a building where police interrogated high value suspects in the eastern city of Lahore yesterday. Killing 12 people and 61 lying wounded including women taking children to school.


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  1. Wan

    Interesting content, a balance between heavy and light reading.

    Why is there constant killing in your country? I am hoping it would stop soon.

  2. Very good subject and relevant to the current news, thanks for the good site.

  3. Hope peace will come soon to your country. You have a good story here bro, thanks

  4. Good post and this enter helped me alot in my college assignement. Say thank you you as your information.

  5. Nice site. Really professional. First time am meeting a Nigerian on this site. I am also a Nigerian.

  6. Interesting to read your insights about what’s happening in Nigeria. Would be interested to read more. Keep up the good work! :).

  7. Ore

    @Wan “Why is there constant killing in your country? I am hoping it would stop soon.

    As unfortunate as the events in Jos were, there isn’t “CONSTANT” killing in Nigeria. But yes, I do hope it ends.

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