Dora Akunyili

Those were the words of the ministers who shut Dora Akunyili up when she attempted to ask the Executive Council of the Federation for a vacation letter for President Umaru Musa Yar’adua. She was shouted down and there was murmuring and shouting in the chambers as the ministers disagree.

Our dear President travelled to Saudi Arabia for medical checkup in November last year without transferring authority to the vice president, this has led to power vacuum and is threatening governance. The minister brought the memo so as discussion pertaining the possibility of allowing the Vice-president Goodluck Jonathan to step in as acting President until the President returns from his never ending trip. It is strange that for the first time Nigerians are clamoring for a president, they are clamoring for vice president to take over, and to our uttermost surprise those who are gaining form the ill president are putting themselves first rather than putting their country and the overall good of the country at heart. I ask myself, why would a country stay without a President for over 65 days and expect things to go well? God knows how the budget was approved; just maybe a stranger signed the budget.

Some of the ministers who could not speak out but murmured all the way, said the Abdul Mutallab’s case was treated in less than 5 hours when the memo was presented, but why is this different? Why would this sensitive issue bring so much dust into the eyes of Nigerians, it is no news that the fuel situation as gone from bad to worse, you even can’t find black market to buy. Well this has opened another can of worms as it has further divided the cabinet, those in support of power transfer and those who want Yar’adua to hold on to power. The memo was however withdrawn from the ministers and they told her that if the memo leaks to the press, she would be held responsible for it. The secretary to the Government of the federation personally went round to collect the memo which was served to all 42 ministers.

Gossip has it that in the memo she restated her commitment to the President but was concerned about how his absence had stalled government business and led to some unconstitutional actions. She said some permanent secretaries are still waiting to be sworn in; as a result most ministers are working without a permanent secretary. Also she said the amnesty deal is under threat as the absence of the president poses threat to the militants as regards the credibility of the deal. The renewed threat is a danger to the country, I guess this all makes sense but because of the selfishness of people, they refuse to see beyond their pockets and their selfish interest. Still on the gossip, I learnt that some of the ministers were happy that someone had to step up to do this, but for the Nigeria I know, I won’t be surprised to hear tomorrow that she was changed to another ministry or just maybe an allegation was brought on her and she is been investigated, then she is in prison, just because she believed in something that is right. My Nigeria!! Na wa.

On the other scene, the All Nigeria Peoples Party (ANPP) presidential candidate General Muhammadu Buhari, has resigned his membership of the party as a result of irreconcilable differences. This is another dent to the party; politics is always politics as people would still try to outsmart others. It was a good end of deal as both parties claimed they appreciated each other’s contributions to the growth of the party and wish themselves well in future.

Just to add to the trail of events happening now, court has refused el-Rufai’s attempt to stop arrest. His move to stop securities from arresting, detaining and prosecuting him on the basis of the recommendations from the joint senate committee on FCT and housing. The worse is yet to be heard about this man who has done so well in bring FCT to the real state, who made the capital one of the most beautiful and planned place in Nigeria, now those who bought properties in the wrong places are after him, well so I think 
Let’s keep our fingers together as the best would come of our dear country, we pray that the best would show soon.


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2 responses to “SHUT UP DORA!

  1. Great site I really enjoyed the Dora article

  2. I think this is an important blog. Reading firsthand about Nigeria, a place I do not hear about in the US press, has been very enlightening. I know you want to lighten things up with humor, but forgive me I thought it was not as good as when you tell what is in your heart. My only suggestion is to limit the front page to “teaser” introduction paragraphs with the rest of the story hidden so that I can see what you have easier. I do, indeed, want to see all you have to offer! A very good blog and I appreciate what I have learned. All the best to you and to Nigeria..

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