Strippers in police custody

Guys this is a long awaited action by the necessary authority, Lagos has for long been hunted by the sins and abomination of the society, well it happens everywhere but seemingly being a religious society, this would raise eyebrows.

Recently about 33 strip dancers were arrested in different strip clubs across Lagos. Those arrested are soon to face prosecution for immoral behaviour, the case has since being transferred to the state ministry of justice for appropriate actions.

The call for decent dressing amongst women and girls in Lagos prompted this arrest on the basis that these ladies are promoting obscenity in the society. These ladies shows that women are only good for sex and nothing good can come out of them except to make money through sex.

Strippers with managers

The arrest included 33 nudists and their managers who have been released on bail but would report to the ministry of justice if need be. What have they become in life, criminals and undesirable elements, they are of no good, well that’s how they see themselves, most of these girls are school drop out who struggle to survive and end up in bad companies.

“Evil has taken over in Lagos State. The way things are going, when girls of between the ages of 15 and 25 dance nude and throw caution to the wind with boys and men watching them, then they are sending a wrong signal to the society. It portends danger

These girls are products of the society, they are the result of the failed educational system in Nigeria, most of them are orphans and do not have anybody to carter to their needs.

My question is, should the government just close these clubs? Adult fun exists in different mega cities, and also is there a guarantee of good standard of living for the average Nigerian, some those who have good education are still looking for jobs, and those who have jobs have either been laid off or their salaries have been slashed.

I totally support the closing of these clubs, but government should create a way where these strippers would make a legitimate living, these clubs should be made to pay huge taxes to discourage them from the business.

Despite the arrest, news have it that more clubs are emerging, and those closed are opening under new names, yeah yeah Lagos is certainly a center of excellence and City of Aquatic splendor.

Emma Ofor, manager of Club Unique who was arrested along with the 33 strippers, said that he joined the club in January this year, adding that poverty made him to accept the offer. Offor said that he could not reject the offer as he was in desperate need of a job. “That is the circumstance I found myself and it is because of my situation. I was desperately in need of job when the offer came and I just had to accept it,” he said.

This action is applauded and I hope measures are put in place to absorb these ladies into legitimate businesses or else they would flow back into the lifestyle.

Kudos Fashola.


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5 responses to “NUDITY IN LAGOS

  1. Osani Osanebi Mykel

    lol…its not new…its all over the world

  2. Hi enjoyed your blog, unfortunately the nudity problem and woman dressing indecently is a worldwide problem , it’s a sad state of affairs my friend. It was a very interesting read and I learnt alot about your country so thank-you for sharing, keep blogging, stay blessed 🙂 xxx.

  3. Wow, similar things are happening in Lagos, im shocked. Lovely blog, oga!.

  4. Your blog is very nice keep it up.

  5. hey i like ur blog babes partly bcoz i’m half african myself as well as married 2 a nigerian xx so took alot of interest in ur blog keep it up it’s brill&thanku xx

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