ABUJA..our foreign city

Hey guys, I am hoping my letter to the president gets to reach him, well I was going through a friends blog and some real good pictures from my dear Nigeria, well no matter what any one says, These are just stunning pictures and it would surprise you to know that Abuja is still under construction.

This is my Nigeria and sure it looks good for a Capital city

Abuja road network

The National Church

The Senate

The Senate Abuja

The National Mosque

Bolingo Hotels and Towers


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5 responses to “ABUJA..our foreign city

  1. Joseph,

    Your pride and love for your homeland is so very inspiring … and humbling to me as well. I should strive to equal your pride and love in my own land – America.

    Thank you for your inspiring example. I appreciate your love in action.

    Your friend across the sea,

    • Thanks alot Jeff,

      Nigeria is a growing country with lots of potentials to change the world, we are only experiencing issues now which is normal but we would overcome, I am looking forward to visiting God’s own country….America

      Thanks for dropping by….

  2. Wow, first of all I’d like to congratulate you on a Very articulate site and all that you are doing in providing the world with such useful information about your country Nigeria.

    You have a very positive site going, sharing experiences and what you are doing in helping others. I think the design is perfect and unique, light hearted and you have your picture there which gives everyone a warm welcome as they know they see there is a real person at the end sharing all this invaluable information.

    Keep up the amazing job, you are doing wonderful and it shows!.

  3. Very good social commentaries, and you also have interesting pictures of your city. It is always good to see pictures on blogs that talk about places since it makes the experience more real. You also have a thumb on current events, very informative blog! Will definitely visit again and see new posts on your take on current events.

  4. Joe, do you know it actually took over 20 years for the National Church to be built…I asked someone why one day and i was told the then Reverend who started the church said the church would not accept any form of grant or donation from the goverment and insisted that only donations from full time members of the church would be used to would build the church, and patiently they collected and saved and built brick for brick for 20 long years before it finally got finished, I’ve not been into it but i was told there are only two other buildings in the world that has or used the material and design that was used for the interior of the building..and the two other buildings are Cathedrals in rome….

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