Friends with a fairly excited heart I write this letter to our dear president Alhaji  Musa Yar’ adua, it has become so pressing and embarrassing that things are not yet working in Nigeria despite all the money being spent in different sectors.

How sad the way things turn out now as our dear Nigeria still sees a decay in diverse sector, I fell so bad always writing about Nigeria I mean when I should be patriotic enough to talk positive and wish that things would only be good. Praying that despite the ill fated situation, the good would eventually come out.

I posted a letter to Hilary Clinton when she came to Nigeria and I only wish she had the time to read it, well this is another letter, this time to our dear president.

Dear Alhaji, sir, Dr.,…

With a pain filled heart I write to you as a fellow Nigerian to air my views about certain issues prevalent in Nigeria, happenings around our dear Nigeria has prompted me to remind you of the way we used to live at least from stories I read and heard from people who were born at that time, well even Wande Cole sang about the former days in Nigeria, in his song “Na so we go dey”.

Once upon a time, our Nigeria was peaceful, we had nothing to worry about as food and water was ready on your demand. There were times when companies would come to school to recruit graduates even during their final exams, jobs were waiting for you to graduate, there were times when fresh graduates could buy brand new cars immediately after graduation, and funny they could pay up immediately without having to suffer huge interest accrued from car loans.

Then as tales have it, you could travel to London without a visa, and the Dollar was just equivalent to the Naira. There was a time when you travel from North to south by train and not bother about hold up, there was once a time you could drive from Benin to Lagos under 3 hours without having to sleep on the road or having to buy a brand new shock absorber after your trip because of the bad road. There was once a time when schools graduated qualified professionals and they are ready to take on the world with their Learning’s, they spend just the required time in school, as neither strike nor riots would truncate their syllabus.

There was once a time when you could fly Nigerian airways to and from London and be proud to be a Nigerian, when the colour green white green meant a lot to people, that time projects were completed at the specified time line. There were times when people could play credible lotteries and win houses in posh areas like the then Festac and other areas. But is happening today?

The July 2009 Web ranking of African universities did not include any Nigerian university, at least among the top 30. but Nigeria is the biggest country on the continent – infact he most populous black nation on earth, beside Nigeria is the acclaimed giant of Africa. She has the highest number of universities on the continent, over 100 comprising federal, state and private universities. Yet, all our scores of Ivory towers do not amount to anything even in Africa. At first you would think this is a conspiracy to shut Nigeria out of the hall of fame of nations which placed premium on their universities. But a imply reality check would suggest otherwise.

Power on the other hand has become a menace in Nigeria, 6000Mega Watts by December….how?

Sir, Alhaji, Dr…please I would like to ask you as a citizen of Nigeria and a beneficiary to the wealth of the nation, what are your plans for this nation? Where are we headed? Why are you surrounding yourself with all these egg heads who fight to become Governors in their state? Why would you allow the show of shame in Anambra state? How can a man who fought corruption well in Nigeria be made to suffer this much? Why would the ministry of works deliberately ignore the Benin-Ore road year in year out? Why would CBN for years allow banks MD’s to kill these banks with huge loans…?

Sir, Alhaji, Dr,…things are very hard down here, I was coming to work 3 days a go and on my way I saw ladies gathered in a shop rushing for stuffs as the car drove by I wondered what they were doing until I saw that a woman just opened a bail of used bags and they rushed to get a piece of the action, you can imagine. Also it is a common site around newspaper vendors as people take funny positions as they pay little cash just to read the news apparently they can’t afford to buy the newspaper.

A lady I saw made her boutique where she sells used bags and ladies top near the gutter, well thats all she can afford.

People live in shanty houses where their head touches the ceiling as they step in, young girls are made to meet unreasonable targets in banks and other financial institutions, just because they need a job.

Graduates now open business centers where they sell recharge cards and make calls as they have struggled to get a job to no avail. Many families have lost their lives as fumes from exhaust of generating set enters their poorly ventilated houses.

Please I am heart broken as I spend so much running my generating set and it just blew my digital cable decoder, I need to leave home and get to work on time without spending hours on the road in hold up.

Why?  Why…

Please I would like to get a reply as soon as you receive this letter to enable me tell my friends what my president has in mind for us

If by chance you get to read this letter and you know a friend to a P.A to an S.A to the minister of clothing and kitchen affairs who can gain access to the president, please pass it on

Thank you

Yours in Nigeria,

Joseph Ekwu .


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