Hey guys, things happening now in Nigeria continues to amaze me, recently about 52 (sorry can’t remember the figure) candidates bought forms for the gubernatorial seat of Anambra state, I mean what on earth do these guys even women want to do for that state, and please note that all these people are from one party, that same party.

I am so pained that even when the party endorsed a candidate, the other one million candidates (or so) shouted from their noses and some even went to court. My ache now is why go to court if you have the interest of the state at heart? Why are humans selfish? Why would we never allow others stay on top, they think the man up there would get so much money in the office.

Today the political space in Anambra state has become so tensed that everyone is scared to walk or do anything in some states. Only yesterday a new twist took place, the father of the special one (the person picked from the party) was kidnapped.

The father of the former governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria and PDP governorship candidate in Anambra State, Charles Chukwuma Soludo, has been kidnapped.

The old man was kidnapped around 7pm yesterday at his Isuofia home in Aguata local government area of Anambra State. The kidnappers were said to have “stormed” his house in a Peugeot 406 car, according to sources close to his family.

At the time of the kidnap, Mr. Soludo, was in Abuja working with his lawyers seeking to vacate a Federal Abuja High Court order which gave the directive to INEC to remove his name from the list of candidates contesting the Anambra State governorship elections.

There has been no reaction from Mr. Soludo to the abduction, However, it has been revealed that no ransom had been demanded, causing political observers to begin to link this development to the recent controversy within the party over Mr. Soludo’s candidacy.

This is the beginning of things that would happen as the election draws closer, the worse is yet to be heard or seen, but if you are any where in that state, I would not want to scare you, just watch your backs and hey if you have access to bullet proof vest, please buy one or better still buy an armoured tank.


On a lighter note, the golden eaglets had a good day yesterday at least judging by their standards. These young guys looked so good and I was really impressed considering the fact that I have not enjoyed a Nigerian match for a while; this is a good way to say Nigerians can still be good in soccer. The guys had possession all through the game even though they lacked the professionalism to score, it shows so well that more work needs to be done. Bravo guys this, but hope they don’t turn their backs at me and mess up.

News reaching me on my frequency says Bode George the one who got so lucky for embezzling so much funds has refused to eat prison food. Hmmm wonders shall never end, this is what you see happen in Nigeria, a well celebrated man would siphon money especially public funds and bag just a two and half year sentence and the sentence would be back dated, so he was literarily vindicated, where on earth does it happen? We are talking about billions of Naira….! I bet you even in prison people would still pay homage to him and adore him, that’s my Nigeria, but this goes to show that good things are happening, the high and mighty are now the scape goats to others to learn. How I wish all the industries would be probed, things would work out in Nigeria.

Lets open our eyes and watch as events unfold in Nigeria and read about them….we would make it.



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