I had a very good morning today; I was in church to join forces with my fellow compatriots as we started a revolution in Nigeria, you may want to ask what was I doing in church on a Monday  morning, when others are preparing for a new week? Well its WALK FOR LIGHT day;  Pastor Sam and Nike Adeyemi along side a host of pastors led over 4000 people to the government house in Alausa on a peaceful demonstration to change the present light situation to start a revolution as the power situation in Nigeria has refused to get better.We were received by the Deputy Governor on behlf of the governor.

Since I was born as that’s all I can remember, power situation has been poor, as I speak I have spent over N3000 on fuel to power my generating set. There are no jobs in Nigeria and companies are moving out, the economy is dying, well this is because our leaders have refused to pay attention to the most important sector that would sustain the economy.

The crisis of epileptic power supply is impoverishing us as individuals, as organizations and as a nation. Previous lives have been lost to explosion caused by kerosene and petrol. Whole family have died in their sleep because of fumes from power generating sets. Small and large businesses have folded up because of their inability to sustain the high cost of production. The list of woe goes on and on.

When would Nigeria ever get better? In physics I read that power is the ability to do work, so when there is no power what work can be done? People struggle to sustain their businesses, they pay through their noses and then add so much to the price, the consumers then suffer at the end, people are forced into dubious activities as they can not be employed nor open their own businesses.

We call on the federal government to break the monopoly of the Power Holding Company of Nigeria and allow private investors and state governments to generate and distribute electricity. The strategy that worked for telecommunications should be used to work for power supply. If there is no limit on the number of phone lines a telecommunications company should generate, there should be no limit on the volume of power a company should generate and distribute around the country. States in the Niger Delta who have gas flared in their backyards should generate and sell electricity locally and nationally. This will result in job creation in almost all facets of life in our nation.

I would like to call on all importers of generating sets and diesel, who have graciously helped to provide relief through their products, to support this call, and to subsequently divert their investment into power generation and distribution. We call on executives and legislative arms of government at the local, state and federal levels to show compassion for Nigerians, demonstrate leadership and facilitate the breaking of PHCN‘s monopoly.

It takes only 1 person to start a revolution, well Daystar Christian Centre has started it, so I am believing that others would emulate this act and help move Nigeria forward because what we did today would echo in future. We call on all Nigerians involved at all levels in the generation, distribution and consumption of electricity to accept honesty as a national standard and as a way of life. All forms of deal-cutting in the award and execution of contract must stop. The vandalizing and theft of power cable and transformers must also stop. Dishonesty and the greedy acquisition of money, though they may bring temporary prosperity, ultimately attract curses on individuals and the nation. To prosper corruption should be put aside.

Arise O compatriots, Nigerians call obey! We can create a New Nigeria, a paradise and the ultimate destination among Nations. I must say a big thank you to Pastor Sam and Nike Adeyemi, senior pastors of Daystar Christian Centre who birthed this idea, they are visionaries, model couple, God Bless you both and the church.

Well I know this would birth a change in Nigeria, let’s watch out.


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13 responses to “DAYSTAR CHRISTIAN CENTRE walks for light.

  1. Emore Kess

    Our leaders involved, always travel abroad to relax & come back to Nigeria feeling unconcerned about our own mother land. This wickedness & devilish intent can easily be related to some of our fore-father’s inhumanity during slave trade. Greed, selfishness, pride, looting, amongst others, play a key role in Nigeria politics where those who are supposed 2b called ROGUE’s are tagged HONORABLE. Nigeria, a great nation, rich in human, capital & natural resources, yet poor in classification!


  2. Eru Goodluck

    bro keep the dream alive

  3. @ Kess… it is high time we started something concrete to show Nigerians that we can live a better. These Leaders travel around and they see things for themselves but when they get back they do the worse.

    Nigeria would be great again.

  4. sophillips

    Am proud and happy 2 say we where part of the walk 4 light and av sworn a seed 4 our generations 2 come.when we would av light 24/7.Please let not stop at just that but beyond what we started.i pray that the almighty GOD will give the church enough grace and passion to continue in the mighty name of Jesus amen.

  5. Nice post, thanks for sharing
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  6. tosin- statistics unit daystar

    I missed the WALK for LIGHT demonstration.Was not in town.
    Mr Ekwu good job you put this on your blog.
    Cheers man.

  7. Pastor Tunde Olufemi

    It is a good initiative and I pray that God will use it to work out his Purpose for this nation.

  8. Great article do you mind if i translate into German for our blogs visitors? Thanks

  9. salutations, this is an exelent blog post. Thank you so much for the intriguing article

  10. Mabela

    its working already….weldone joseph

  11. Ndubuisi

    I love daystar 4 various reasons,and i would like to encourage u people to keep it up .thanks and good bless

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