Does the helm of the female employee skirt determine how quickly she would achieve performance targets and subsequently her ascent up the corporate ladder? This debate is somewhat a cliché in the banter of the corporate world and to some might be undeserving of column inches.

Surviving in the corporate world is serious business for those who are committed to growing in their career. The do or die syndrome is not relegated to the banking industry. The suggestion that only female employees are compelled to use “bottom power” to achieve their performance targets is myopic because the complaints appear to be common across gender, guys now meet their targets by working overtime at odd hours at odd places, and well you know what I mean. The economic climate makes it extremely difficult to proffer solution in absolute terms since one is not unaware of how difficult it is to get jobs, or naive to pretend to be unaware of the hardships facing a lot of Nigerians, often times forcing them to desperate acts.

A friend of mine told me about a young lady who just left school and got employed in one of the new generation banks in Nigeria…(name withheld) she was there for only 6 months and rose to level of assistant manager of a branch in Abuja (wow) how on earth did she grow this fast, she had no experience before that job, she was too fresh in Abuja, so she used all she had to her advantage, trust she got all you can think of, and hey her phone could no longer take the all the contacts she had. The truth is that when faced with the choice of to bed or not to bed, it is important to know that no job is worth the sacrifice of your personal moral and professional ethos.

But most people do not care about their personal moral since the economy and the level of awareness now is on the increase. Taste is going high and people do all they can to meet up with trend, exotic cars, posh houses and trendy clothes, you are nobody if you do not fit in here, these girls and even guys flock around the rich and influential and do all sorts in other to get funds to live this elaborate borrowed lifestyle.

But the victim must also note that they are not without a choice in this matter! For the individual, you must decide at the point of engagement if you have the requisite skills, behavioral temperament and contacts to pursue a career in sales. It is possible to acquire these skills through formal training, coaching, continuous practice and reading and research only if your employer is willing to give you time to develop and grow into the role. If you have taken up the role solely to make ends meet, creatively explore opportunities for acquiring more skills to launch a career on an entrepreneurial path or be on the lookout for other opportunities elsewhere. There is a correlation between risk and reward, so a pay cut might be inevitable but you will escape with your values intact. Occupational prostitution is a headache for many and the only way to sustain these bumper salaries is to set steep sales target since employee costs constitute about 60% of corporate expenses.

Whether male and female, any work engagement whose success relies solely on the machinations of activities down south, cannot offer true and long term corporate benefits. Soto whoever is faced with the burden of making this choice ; it is worthwhile to ask yourself…… “Does the end really justify the means?”


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4 responses to “TO BED OR NOT TO BED?

  1. Stretch

    True, I never took all the talk about office politics and “Bottom power” as you wrote, seriously until I got into the industry. Now I find that it is as real as ever and it happens all too often. the sad truth is that life itself is a battle and we use all we have to get what we want. For some without skill, they utilize their “natural talents” so long as it gets them what they want.

    I’m not justifying it neither am I judging those that do it ‘coz at the end, they’re only following the natural law that says, “A warrior comes to the battlefield with ALL his powers in the ready.”

  2. Another incisive piece from Joe.
    You really have turned a searchlight on some burning issues which lots of people through hypocrisy are sweeping under the carpet yet these issues should be in the front burner. It baffles me when some homo sapiens sacrifice their ultimate on the altar of immediate. i hold a personal philosophy which is if your pursuit of success makes you give up your values then you are a failure. I believe we need a proper definition of success which to me goes beyond the achievement of desired goal…we must also take into cognisance what we had to give up to achieve the said goal. That i think is the bottom line.

  3. rethots

    Unfortunately, one can buy a rapid rise (in whatever industry) but, (the more important question is) can one sustain the position? Moreover, when push comes to shove and experience is needed……will one ‘STAND’?

  4. Well said guys, what goes on around us, sometimes shocks us, the speed at which people climb up…

    Well Rethots said it all…when experience is needed….can they stand?

    Thanks guys

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