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Last night was a shocker to many including me, I watched a man break his own title in a manner which suggests the race was too easy and he was wants something tasking. In the past 15 months, Usain Bolt has won three Olympic golds, a world championship and set four world records. But tonight may been his most impressive feat yet.

This Jamaican sprint star shattered his own record in the 200m at the world track and field championships in Berlin, running a scintillating 19.19 and besting the second place finisher by over six-tenths of a second. (that’s strange) His old record, set in Beijing was 19.30, that means he trained so well and made sure he achieved this accolade.

Well I thought this was impossible as in Beijing his race was considered a “Perfect race”, instead Bolt burst out of the blocks, had a five meter lead at the midway and then accelerated down the stretch for yet another dominating victory. Not only this, did you see the looks on his face before the race? Well shows that he was so confident that the race was a done deal, well it is now history. When he came into this field last year, he looked so tired at the end usually he breaks a sweat during his races, but yesterday he was huffing and puffing during the final 15 meters. So much for the criticism that he was too lackadaisical at the end of his race.

After the race, He collapsed in joy on the track. Took a victory lap with the Jamaican flag, staged a race with the championship’s mascot and had his hand kissed by a cameraman.

Lesson learnt;

1-       Always know that what you achieved today is just a start point for better things, if he had relaxed on his previous record, he would have been shocked by his opponents.

2-       Life has ways to shock us, with the way he beat them at 100m mark, you know he prepared and met opponents that couldn’t match him.

3-        Dedication to whatever you do is the key to success. Be the best in whatever you do.

4-        Drop your lesson learnt…

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