Welcome friends to a new month, I am so happy with how life is treating me and even though I have my reservations about occurrences in Nigeria I still find time to celebrate life. I had the privilege of seeing a new month that shows me that my essence of living is still to manifest, I have enough time to make all the impact I planned.

I regret starting this post with a heavy heart knowing well all that is going on in Nigeria, from the killing of Christians and burning of houses in the north, to the strike that has adversely crippled the educational sector, oopss I can’t forget the power sector, or should I close my eyes to the increasing unemployment in my dear country. Hmmm I could go on and on but I might not have enough space to efficiently pour out my heavy heart and since I am a man of little words I would like to get straight to the point.

Recently the president of America, Barrack Obama visited Africa and had a tour round some African countries; he spent days in the black continent without visiting Nigeria. To make matters worse, he spent days in Ghana, a country whose citizens ran to Nigeria years ago searching for greener pastures. A country that I grew up knowing a bag to be tagged to them, a country whose citizens came into Nigeria and begged for menial jobs to keep them afloat. This country now has hosted the world power, well not to mention the fact that most countries are leaving Nigeria to open shops in neighboring Ghana. This country can boast of power 24/7, but my dear country, the self acclaimed greatest black nation in the world is still struggling to meet up with the 2009 deadline for regular power supply.

I was having lunch this afternoon and the chef was a young Ghanaian girl and a lady asked her why she was in Nigeria and not in school, she proudly said with confidence that school is not on session that’s why she came to Nigeria to chill with her aunt who made her  serve us food, well we probed further if she would like to school here, but she bursted out at us saying she has been reading in the papers about the strike in Nigeria, and told us that in Ghana schools would never close down when students are ready to learn. Well I couldn’t care less what she thinks, but for her to phantom confidence to talk like that then …..

This is not the last you would hear about Nigeria, do you know that most companies are fast abandoning Nigeria? Michelin has moved out of Nigeria, Dunlop too, Wilbros (an oil servicing firm) packed out and folded up operations Guinness has put its producing line for sale in the tune of about N150 billion, and claim they would be building an ultra modern facility in Mowe soon, City people just opened an office in Ghana, Omatek also has expanded to Ghana and also several ISP firms. Ovation relocated from the UK and settled in Ghana; Mudi clothing now has a shop in Ghana to tell us that Ghana is the next best place to do business, and the Ghanaian government is making things smooth for them by providing constant power, good roads and basic infrastructure, what can be said about Nigeria.

It’s no news that the Asians majorly Koreans, Indians, Chinese, Japanese have dominated the Nigeria market and are said to have spent over 100 billion in different sectors of the economy and have made most Nigerians slave workers denying them of holidays and breaks. They have choked the market with sub standard goods and make life miserable for Nigerians.

When would Nigeria go back to being the giant of Africa, I ask? Do we have a president? Its 2 years now and I can’t tell if we have one. How do we grow, what are we still doing with re-cycled leaders, those who had the military mindset are still in the democratic system, who is fooling who? Corruption is eating neck deep into the economy, all the sectors are dying, ministers spend lavishly on frivolities and they are deceiving us with the RE-BRANDING issue. Please don’t bore us with a re-brand trick and start development from the grassroots. Only a few Governors are living up to expectations. Lagos is making it and Gov. Fashola is making life easy for us all, I wish he was the president.

But I believe that change would come soon, I believe in the future of a New Nigeria, but it starts with you, change is voluntary, the challenges that lie ahead is plenty but these hurdles must be crossed. Tomorrow excites me, the bright light would shine soon, and we would soon be free from the chains of evil ones, those who know the truth and keep it covered, refuse to let peace reign, those who make decisions at odd hours, Nigeria would be free.

Stand up now and join the revolution, join the voice of a new birth, what we want is what we get, Which Nigeria do you want, dream it now, see it, and own it, it starts from you. SPEAK UP NOW.


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  1. Joseph,

    My friend, I so admire your courage in what you believe best for the collective of those you love and your courage in speaking up for what you believe … and for what you believe your purpose to be.

    If only I truly understood what you are facing in your passion. I can only imagine – as what I have always known is here in my society. God bless you and your efforts driven by your call and passion that has been put in you by one who is greater than we are.

    We have greatness in each of us because of Him. We are greater together than we are separately.

    Contine to be true to yourself.

    • Thanks a lot Jeff,

      My country is going through a phase of Progress and you know what that entails.

      With a small voice I would change the nation, I believe that the best is yet to come.

      Thanks a lot.

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