imagesHi pals, would like to share this insight I read in a magazine about the Eagle. The eagle is the long lived bird in the world. By the time they are 40 years old, their claws would start to age, losing their effectiveness and making it hard for them to catch prey. The life span of an eagle is up to 70 years. But in order to live this long, it must make the toughest decision at 40.

 At 40, its beak is so long and curvy that it reaches its chest. Its wings, full of long, thickened feathers, are too heavy for easy flying. The eagle is left with 2 choices:-

(1) Do nothing and await its death; or

 (2) Go through a painful period of transformation and renewal.

For 150 days, it first trains itself to fly beyond the high mountains, build and live in its nest and cease all flying activities. It then begins to knock its beak against granite rocks till the beak is completely removed. When a new beak is grown, the eagle will use it to remove the all its old claws and wait quietly for new ones to be fully grown, the eagle will use them to remove all its feathers, one by one.

 Five months later, when its new feathers are fully grown, it soars in the sky again with renewed strength and is able to live for the next 30 years. In life, as an individual, in an organization, sometimes, we have to learn to make difficult decisions so as to make room for changes. Changes bring about renewal. The only way for us to soar again is to let go of old ways, old habits and old lives. For as long as we are prepared to put aside our old baggage’s – past glory or shame, past success or failure – be willing to become zero, with an empty cup mentality, we will be able to discover our potential and head towards a renewed perspective in any aspect of our lives. The more we dwell on the past, we remain stagnant and development is stalled, the only way to succeed is to decide to move on, you would need to take a bold step in a good direction of choice to succeed. The past would matter no more, tomorrow is a dream, all you have is today, make good use of today, I know of a popular quote, “a good plan today is far better than a perfect plan tomorrow”

The eagle shows us that there are tough decisions to make on life and patience is needed for the purpose of the plan to materialize, there would always be a gestation period, where the decision comes alive, it might be difficult, it would be difficult but perseverance would see you through.

 Is there anything you need to let go off in order to make head ways in life, it is time to decide. Stop, think, and decide.

See you on top.


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9 responses to “THE LIFE OF AN EAGLE

  1. Wow, Joseph. That is a tremendous story and analogy. It gave me chills!

    Life is, indeed, like that for so many people. One would think struggle and suffering are easier for those of a higher socio-economic strata. The truth, however, is that when you strip people of all the markers of the “world of form” such as class, race, and religion, the same fundamental mechanisms are at work in all of us. Our pain, our struggle, and our suffering are our own, thus they represent not greater or smaller a challenge than the pain, struggle, and suffering of another.

    While it is true that struggle is relative, I would offer that removing one’s beak hurts like hell whether an eagle lives in the wild or in a zoo. When the decision is made to engage, the struggle is still a struggle.

    I love your interpretation and your message, Joseph. Thank you for sharing such an insightful post.

    • Joseph Ekwu

      Thanks a lot Ricardo, I really appreciate your comment, in life we all make decisions and no matter how much we need anything we still would allow it materialize.

      All you need is patience and soon all we need would be.

      Thanks a lot for visiting.

  2. insightful and poignant. Once again joseph has raised some cogent issues which every forward thinking and progress minded individuals must as a matter of necessity take cognizance of. Kudos to you my friend.

    • Joseph Ekwu

      Thanks a lot Femmy, These stories would help people know how to tackle happenings in life.

      Make good use of these advice and life would unfold to your satisfaction.

      Thanks a lot for visiting my blog and dropping this comments

  3. Joseph,

    I loved your reference to the ‘gestation period’ of a plan – where the decision comes alive.

    Thanks again for a beautiful, engaging story.

    • Joseph Ekwu

      There is a time frame for everything in life, it takes 9 months to bringforth a legend, a genius… so there is always a gestation period for any plan.

      Thanks alot for coming around Jeff….

  4. Going through this message made it come alive once more in me that you must at a given time make that difficult decision cos it is important especially for a child of God not to remain in a statusquo, though not compulsory but very important. Thanks for the message, God bless you.

  5. Olu Meso

    Joeseph, Good Articulation! The 1st time i came across this information online i lost the message bc of reader’s comments on the authenticity of the info on the eagle and the seeming assault on the poster. However, yours came with such freshness that i would’ve prefered it was the 1st post i came across. The insightful and soul lifting messages embedded is sure the tonic needed to HOLD ON & HOLD OUT at this period of my life. God bless you with more wisdom.

  6. toba osuloye

    Joe, this is great! Your article simply summarises still never decreases the royalty of the life of an eagle. I like this. I guess it’s a message to everyone to stay calm and cool yet hopeful that God will someday bring the best. Patience is a virtue lost amongst many these days but for someone who determines to have a change in life and KEEP IT PERMANENTLY, it is inevitable. God bless you and enrich your wisdom!

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