imagesFor sometime now I have been writing a lot on motivating others and I feel to an extent I’m following the steps of my mentor and this has made me think what I’m really turning into, I wonder how my words and my decision affect those around me, I have a friend and colleague I met barely 6 months ago and we have shared ideas and knowledge for this long and I only noticed that who you are is determined by the quality of people you interact with, your network is your networth,.(yes It’s you Chukwudi). We sit sometime and reminisce about the future and how we would build the next biggest company that would shake the world…well at least Nigeria, and trust me you would hear about it soon, we also have made decisions that well might just be our step into reality.

I read an article and would like to share my finding with you all, I wonder why most people find life so easy and others are still struggling to survive, why are we here and others are there? The truth is that you can make your life whatsoever you desire: you can actually live your dreams, before now maybe your paycheck is determined by the size of your paycheck or the your income, your certificate or maybe your status quo, perhaps you even feel that life is not fair, it’s time to drop your feelings and emotions: embrace the fact that your life is in your hands, you have within you all you need to succeed or to fail, you need to step out in faith.

Beginnings is half done, every beginner is a winner, it is the first step to success, it helps you break the force of inertia, procrastination and the failure to launch..(My popular phrase). It doesn’t matter how big or how small your vision is, for you to see it through, you need to start, to achieve your goal you must have the courage to step into the unknown, it’s time to launch, leave your comfort zone, climb down those ladders of false comfort, you cannot afford to wait any longer while opportunities pass you by, step out and take action…. Launch.

Winning starts with beginning, you cannot finish what you didn’t start. Start today when you are faced with a choice, consider it for an extra second and then take action – action to bring you closer to realizing your ideal life. Theodore Roosevelt said “in any moment of decision, the best thing to do is the right thing, the worst thing you can do is nothing” deciding not to take action is like deciding to keep the door locked to yourself created prison.

“We are captives of our own identities living in prisons of our own creations.”

The greatest tragedy is to become less of our full potentials. One reason why most men are so often poor is because they neglect what they have and divide their attention among a multitude of objects and pursuits. Look within yourself for the ultimate inspiration and follow the true feeling you discover. Act upon your own conscience; accomplish what you desire, fulfill your inner yearnings.

After all is said and done, who you eventually become in life is up to you. You are responsible for your future. My advice is to change your thinking and go for your future. Replace “what if it fails” to “what if it succeeds” instead of looking at your weakness, focus on your strengths, replace “I can’t” with “I can.” Decide to make your life count no matter the cost. The best way to predict the future is to create it. I challenge you today lift up and LAUNCH.

See you on top.


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2 responses to “START UP NOW

  1. Action or non-action? That can be a tough call sometimes. Not to add too much complexity to the situation, but…sometimes non-action is action! Consider THAT for a moment! In Taoism, it’s called “wei wu wei,” and, paradoxically, means “action without action.” It implies an attunement with the natural flow of the Universe such that the decision to expend energy in action or reserve energy in non-action becomes second nature. In either case, a fully-informed decision is made.

    Unfortunately, many situations in life create anxiety, no? Action burns off anxiety, thus high anxiety translates to a high need to do something…anything. Impulse control allows for more considerate action. The flipside is that too much control leads to indecision and the inability to act. In those cases, non-action is action that is born from a place of fear and is not considerate action!

    I am all for co-creating our futures with whatever forces move the Universe. Wisdom is knowing when to take overt action and when to allow things to unfold on their own. Courage is choosing to act with wisdom, not purely on emotion!

  2. Too true my brother, the best way to predict your future is to create it. Your writing is easy to read, i like the flow… 2 thumbs up!

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