imagesLife is full of surprises, there are definitely good times and bad times, those times when you wake up with a full smile on the face and when you go to bed with a bad frown, times when the world seems to be closing up in you, times when everything looks so black, you might have passed through these times before when it seemed that the logical thing was to give up and give in, to throw away your dreams and embrace existence, I have too.

Thomas S. Monson said;

“The heights that great men reached and kept were not obtained by sudden flight. But they, while their companions slept were toiling upwards in the night.”

I have learnt over time that the key ingredient needed for success is PERSEVERANCE.

I have worked in an environment where people management was our responsibility; I have studied people, companies and businesses and have come to understand why the greatest speech in the world has just 4 words; “Never never Give up”

Luck is real, yeah people get them but what is luck, from my end, I define LUCK as Living Under Correct Knowledge

I love the story of the postage stamp and I would like us to develop the attitude of a postage stamp that sticks till it gets to the destination, no matter where you are, no matter how bad it is, no matter how frustrating it has been, we should stick to the end, although it is really very difficult to achieve, I left where I was because things didn’t look like it again,  it became obvious that I wasn’t making head ways so I moved on, but the advantage of staying put is consistency would show off and success is inevitable. Albert Einstein said it correctly when he said; Genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration. Even when you are doing the right thing, do it to till luck comes.

There are those times in life when it seems that the lack of clarity is at its peak, when the dark night lingers as you await the dawn, and it seems that the sun would never shine, when you await the end of your journey and you take the next turn which then leads you to a bigger maze, when fear has stolen your confidence and loneliness chokes your strength, when loves has left and no sign of returning, when those you loves turn their backs at you, when the night lasts for 20 hours, when the questions on your lips are too bitter for the mouth, there are those times, but these are the times perseverance makes the difference between documentable history and sheer history. It is in times like this that you must believe in yourself, even when those around you have given up all hope in you, this is when your life would stand up tall against all challenges, and you would conquer and recover whatever you thought was lost within your life. It is from the darkest hours of our lives, from the deepness of despair and hurting that we find inner courage and inner meaning so vast that it enables us to rise from our knees and stand tall to fight.

It is usually after the darkest hours of our lives that we see the first glimpse of light; people of great ability always achieve greatness because they don’t know when to stop. Please don’t stop hang on to your dream,….Persevere.


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5 responses to “PERSEVERANCE

  1. Joseph,
    I love your definition of LUCK – Living Under Correct Knowledge. I am going to share your post with a Coaching Client of mine. He will like this!

  2. What a wonderful way to look at luck! Oprah defines luck as the meeting of opportunity and preparation. After reading your post, I would now add PERSEVERANCE. After all, when luck strikes it is in at a very specific place and time. And we are present, at that place and time, because of all of the choices we have made in life. Those choices define our path, and luck is just part of the greater journey.

    Hang on to YOUR dreams, Joseph. May luck continue to strike your path!

    Oh yeah…I am that “Coaching Client” Jeff mentioned!

    • Hello Ricardo,
      Thanks a lot for the comment, most times in life we live under poor knowledge which affects our decision in life, where you are today and what you do would show in the future…

      Look far after now and learn from your today,
      Thanks a lot and hope to see more comments from you….:-)

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