It’s been a while since I dropped something for you to digest, well its so good to be back on air…lol and to feed you with something to ponder about.

I tell you a story of a man who have 2 girls, and lived in a big mansion, had a very good mining job, loved to play football, and had everything going for him. He loved life so much that hwe would do nything to be happy. He heard there was a big market for diamonds and that the world is moving in the direction of diamonds. He looked at himself asking what would life be if he had all the money from the diamond sales. he calle dhis girls and asked them to get married immediately because he wanted to go on a long journey that would bring them so much money.

They got married, and left the house, soon he backed all his things and sold the house for a little very low and set out for different countries in the world in search of diamonds. He went to China and toiled for 2 years but to no avail, he then went to Canada and toiled for 1 year and still nothing, at this time he was already running low on all he had. He that moved to South Africa where he searched day in day out for diamond and never found any, he went from the coastal areas of the city to the capital, from the rich neigbourhood to the poor, from the church to God knows where…..

Meanwhile, the man that bought his house, was living life so easy and having barbeques daily to enjoy life with his friends, on one of these barbeques, he mistakenly steped on a stone that tore his foot and he picked it up, took it into his sitting room, placed it on his table and called his friends to see the stone that just tore his feet.

One of his friends apparently was a miner and he took particular interest in the stone, he told his friend he wants to take the stone to his office to test it, after 3 days he came back to tell his friend and told him that the stone is pure diamond and that there is every possibility that there is a huge deposit right there in the house. The man destroyed tha house and till today diamond is found in large deposits in that land. He became a big enterprenuer and is still in business today.

The other man was later found on the bank of a river starved to death and torn apart by the sun and hunger… he lost all he had and never got the diamonds.

Lessons to be learnt:

1-Where you are today might be the secret of your success and unknowingly, you night just give it up for the diamond you know not where it is…search your now and see the possibilities that are around you.

2-Even when you hear about trends, don’t always be carried away because not everyone can profit from any business.

3 -Drop the lessons you learnt…………………


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3 responses to “DIAMONDS IN DISGUISE.

  1. You have very good stories Joseph. Thanks for telling them!

  2. Joseph… that was really spot on!!!! You have reinforced what i have believed in a while!!! Great job

  3. Spot on… nicely written, good job!!!

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