Hello readers, I have been meaning to write this post since last week but somehow I always get too busy or somehow I just forget and before I knew it, its monday.

 I was in church last wesnesday and just settled in to hear the message of the evening, when the pastor introduced a young man by man COBHAMS, and the church erupted in joy and claps, people stood up to hail the young man, well for me the name does not ring the loud bell but I think  I heard it sometime ago, well as he walked up the pulpit, I couldn’t help but wonder why he was been assisted by a lady and he took a step at a time, I asked myself why but soon realised this much celebrated young man is blind.

He sat down in front of a piano and for the first 3 seconds he stared hard into the microphone as if he could see it, he spoke out and I was moved, he praised God for his life and all he has gotten, then he began singing, for the first 3 minutes  I was pinched and cold shivers ran down my spine, I cried for the young man who cannot see, but is so satisfied with life, he has never seen yet he has produced albums for prominent musicians, he has never seen yet he doesn’t bother about life, he lives today like the best ever not knowing what he is missing, the beauty of the cloud, the mirage of the sunset, the flock of birds migrating, the brand new cars driving around the streets daily. I feel for him.

But I stop to think what do we really want in life? People have eyes to see, hands to work as they are complete, but they still complain, I ask this big question “what do we really want?” Can man ever be satisfied? Can he ever appreciate the lord for even making him see another day, I make it a point of duty to say a thank you every time I remember, what are you doing now, looking for one thing or the other,  do you know this young has a beautiful lady as a fiancee? well what were you expecting he is ready to get married.

Life would better if we can just give thanks for all we have now instead of asking for the countless things we do continually, where some people compalin they don’t like the shoes they have, others say they don’t have feets to hear shoes, when some kids cry that they don’t want burger, others sat they have not gotten a bite in 2 days, when some say they don’t like thier parents, others wish they had parents or ever saw them. 

When you think your case id bad, look at the next person and know what you are enjoying..

Say thank you and appreciate life.

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One response to “GIVE THANKS.

  1. ore Ettu

    Truer words have never been spoken, it seems that most people only see what is wrong in their lives. But Cobhams has achieved without sight a lot of what many people with sight could only wish to achieve.

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