LAGOS..worst place to work in the world.(CNN)


I got into the office today and trying to settle in, my attention was caught by the news on television about Lagos. Once again, the name Nigeria has popped up under a negative premise, CNN today ranked Lagos, Nigeria as the worst place to work in the world. Closely followed by Jakarta in Indonesia, Rihad in Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan, Mumbai in India.

Nigeria oh my Nigeria, today Nigeria garners another accolade, but this is not a good way to begin and not a good way to consolidate on the democracy that is still fresh and young. Nigeria is a third world country that is fast going into a first world and Lagos state under the governance of Fashola has seen a good a rapid growth in infrastructural development. There are good roads, security, good living and more, but how do you quantify good place to work? Mr. Poland Ebelt, the Managing director Nigeria Bottlers, makers of Coca Cola speaking live told the world that working in Lagos is not that bad, that the only difficulty is finding the right place to live that would offer all the basic social infrastructures that would promote good living.

Ebelt spoke well but despite his experience here in Nigeria, the presenter insinuated immediately that he might be making excuses for Nigeria because he has been around for over 8 years and has enough to look for the best in Lagos.

My question now is why Lagos would be number 1 on the list of worst places to work in the world? There are worse countries that lack basic amenities, and many international companies operate here, is CNN saying that nothing works in Lagos? From what I take from their ranking Lagos is the worse city in the world.  Presently, I reside and work in Lagos, and I can say confidently that life is relatively ok here, I spend just 10 minutes getting to work, although there is power problem but aside that, there is security, all the roads have security lights, the police patrol is efficient, crime rate is highly reduced compared to previous years. Transportation is not that bad, commuters still go to and fro work without much hassles especially with the new BRT transport that the governor has introduced that has its special lane.

The popular Oshodi, notorious for robberies, a nest for hoodlums is now one of the most fascinating places to visit now, Eko city is another project that is aimed at relieving the housing problems of Lagosians. The rail project is still brewing and many more, Lagos is the fastest growing mega city in the world and the third biggest black city in the world.

Kansas City was ranked the most the most insecure city in the world, Lagos did not make it on the list of 20 most violent cities in the world, so I wonder how it made it as number 1 on the list of worst places you can work in the world. But you would still find many foreigners working here, sapping the juice out without plans to leave; they are so comfortable, and easily accepted in the society.

I feel this ranking is bias and baseless, you cannot compare the crime rate in other countries of the world to Lagos, and there has never been any case of school shooting as you have elsewhere. So how come?

It is easy for them to slam the door on Nigeria, because of the bad record we hold, but never be deceived, the worse of the worse occurs in other big countries and sometimes they are not news.

Nigeria is getting better, things are working and things would soon be shinning, we are barely 48 years but soon we would be the biggest..

Nigeria is great..


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26 responses to “LAGOS..worst place to work in the world.(CNN)

  1. Philip Brown

    Joe…I was shocked when I heard the news too, I have been to lagos and I think its relatively a good place to work…although it is not all well but it can’t be that bad…I have been to mumbai too I know its definitely worse..

    Good job mate.

  2. Viv

    Saw it some minutes ago, I almost did a double take. Worst? Really? It’s garbage, the report couldn’t even give proper info as to what it used to come by that info. With all the sweatshop filled cities out there?

    Well, CNN has never been known to NOT feed the third-world stereotype frenzy.

    • It’s so sad that CNN would rate Lagos that poor, I’m still waiting for the criteria for which they rated Lagos the worse place to work in the world.

      Thanks for the comment.

  3. Tatiana Monteiro

    being a worst place to work do not mean a worst place to live… but plz dont talk about police being efficient… You live 10 min from your office, great!! like a dream..

    what about the others that live 2hrs from the office?? they do not live that far…, but traffic can be terrible in this town.

  4. sola

    Lagos is improving, but there’s definitely a lot of work to be done. I currently average about 2 to 3hrs to work everyday. Thats about 6hrs daily due to traffic congestion, for a journey that’s about 40mins. The governor is working hard, but there’s still a long way to go, that only shows how bad the city was before he took over.
    10mins to work? Well you’re in a very small minority.

  5. Well, it would have been great if you gave some link to check for us to see the list.

    I suppose the list is of ‘worst places to work’ . I don’t think that has to necessarily mean or imply ‘Lagos is the worse city in the world’. What say? Whenever the reference of Africa comes, Nigeria is the name that many people know. There are many Indians in Nigeria working as well in oil sector. I’ve asked people here whether they know Niger, Cote d’Ivoire, Burkina Faso, most didn’t know.

    And as far as the worst place is concerned, what about Darfur, countries like Chad, Rwanda and Uganda? It is out of the world to think they are better than Nigeria, a comparatively stable country.

    Anyways, Mumbai from India is also in the list!! Agreed! Lots of traffic, extremely crowded local trains are there. Simply Google for images of crowded local trains in Mumbai and see for yourself what you get. It’s too too bad, but people have to travel in them for their survival.

    But then, what you see in Slumdog Millionaire is not the only Mumbai. It is the buzzing commercial capital of India, a city that never sleeps, a city that goes to work the day after terrorist strikes, the glamor capital with Bollywood industry in it and many parts of it would certainly make you feel you are in the First World with all it’s skyscrapers. But, it’s too crowded and spread out. I suppose the second most populated in the world now…

    Really interesting post! I love these surveys (whether good or bad, right or wrong!) 🙂

  6. tara

    you get to work in ten mins in lagos?!!!!! where do you live please and where is ur office located? You’ve gotta be living really close to your office. lol. good job tho.

  7. @Ameya
    Thanks a lot

    I was actually waiting for your comment, I understand it doesn’t necessarily mean its the worst city in the world, but a city you can work in….what would be good there?

    Definitely you can’t live there,..I see what you wrote about the extremely crowed trains in Mumbai, well we don’t have fully functional trains here, rather buses and taxi’s, the crowded buses have been taken out of circulation, you have comfortable buses and taxi’s now.

    I just want to know the parameters for the rating..

    I am happy I have the opportunity of defending my country and hoping people don’t just see it from the negative side.

    Thanks again mate….I appreciate your comment.

    @Tara..yeah I see it as close, just that I know the time to leave the house and thats it…..Thanks for the comment.

  8. biola titus

    well,too bad that this is coming from CNN at a time mr governor is doing so much.lets see the criteria used

  9. Jim Nwaeze

    Your argument lost its gredibility the moment you stated that nigeria ” is going fast into a first world”.
    You have a fundamental lack of knowledge of world standards you truely believe that statement

    • Hi thanks for the comment.

      I appreciate your visiting the blog…I can perceive from the tone of your writing that you are one of the millions of Nigerians that have abandoned their home and live in foriegn lands, My Nigeria is fast growing, everything around me shows the symptons of growth and development, please would you tell me how old USA is in independence? and alsio tell me how these countries are now, do you think Nigeria is doing well at its cuurent age? and still has potentials?
      I believe in the NEW NIGERIA, and its in my heart, I never travelled out, doesn’t mean I dont have satellite Television.

      I am Nigeria reloaded….believe it.

      and I think you meant to write “credibility”

      Thanks a lot for visiting.

  10. Jim Nwaeze

    This is for the attention of the moderator: if my comments are not displayed/published, then so much for transparency/first world tendencies.

  11. Hi Jim , as a believer in a New Nigeria , i think you missed the point, development simply is a key growth. If Ekwu my good friends say we are fast into becominga 1st world country and believe thats faith right? and seeing whats on ground and the trends, why should you try and who gave you the right to condemn.

    My brother i dont know what happened to you in Nigeria, but we believe that things are getting better, we perceive it and thats what it will be.Rating or no rating , who would have believe Malaysia will grow that fast,watch my brother and believe for yourself.

  12. Breaking news : a survey report just released this morning revealed that CNN is by far the Worst News Channel on Earth…

  13. chinelo

    Just another way to dis my country because the world knows us as successful peoples…typical white supremacist America.

  14. johnson

    i just want to stop this talk about Lagos been the worse, so that we can now to stop our argument in the house about the governor of the state.

  15. tori

    Maybe they mean something about how employers treat workers? Such as benefits, pay etc. in comparison with other places? Or maybe transportation combined with other factors? (I know you have a good commute). Doesn’t mean the place is terrible. Here in the U.S. companies are rated on things like “family-friendliness” and if the workers work long hours, or the health plan is expensive or leave policies not good then their ratings are lower. Still, many people might strongly wish to work at these places. Perhaps family-friendliness is being factored in in the ratings? Also, the worst place for whom?

  16. Debola Mobee

    I sometimes wonder if CNN as an organization is so enthralled by the success rate of Nigerians and Lagosians on a global perspective when they consider the infrastructure available to us and the successes we still record in the area of world relevance. But try as they may to paint Nigeria and Lagos black, they have only succeeded in making us more and more relevant in the world.Can anyone destroy a Nation or people who God has already blessed? 99% out of 100% CNN’s news about Lagos or Nigeria has been played from a negative perspective. What a shame on a news outfit like CNN who are supposed to see and report without bias and with extreme clarity to all who may be interested.
    This makes me look deeper at CNN as an organization and imagine what the inner workings of their system could be with regard to matters that concern Nigeria. Back to the issue at hand, what are the indices by which such opinions are formed? How many comparisons have been done globally before their arrival at such a statement? Were all locations taken into consideration before such a pronouncement? I dare say that something is wrong with the leadership strata in CNN since this trend ‘seems’ not to have been noticed through years of reporting Nigeria and Lagos in this light.
    Without being unnecessarily defensive, we have our challenges as a state and as a nation but i know as well that this is common to all countries worldwide including CNN’s mother country where slums do exist alongside extremely degrading states of living.
    I think the most important thing or research they (CNN) need to do now is to find out how many people tune in to their channel and how many people believe their stories before checking with other news media for accuracy. I’m sure the answer will read a negative beyond CNN’s wildest immagination!
    I have come to the conclusion that they are just another decorative peice on Cable TV. Simply irrelevant in the scheme of worthy news reporting. They make professionalism represent something that’s not to be embraced. Poor souls.

    • This is a write up straight from the heart, I feel the nager in you as you write this piece, Thats only their view and it doesnt change the way we get things done, They have said all they can, and I know the best is yet to come out of Nigeria. So while we wait for this, America should keep their mouths shut on Nigeria, they have no right to talk on this.

      Thank you Mobee for visiting

  17. well, even though I don’t live in Lagos, Lagos is a fastest mega developing city so, i don’t agree with CNN rating.

  18. ahmed

    how safe it is to work in nigeria,bassically i am an indian,i like to relocate to lagos

  19. Kansas City is the worst place to live and work. I have resided here for several years. I much rather be in St. Louis.

  20. lol, lovely arguments so far, but truth be told Lagos, Nigeria to me is one of the best cities to work in Nigeria, the economy is so vibrant except for traffic issues I would choose Lagos for work,fun,business and what have you.

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