Hi readers, how was your weekend? I had a very busy weekend, meetings and stuffs, I also had the opportunity of reading a magazine published by Deolu Akinyemi, “Recharge”, I had read it before and just needed to refresh myself with some good stuffs. I would share with you an article that is hilarious but also very enlightening; well the topic spells it out, CAN YOU MARRY POTENTIALS? Many of the young chicks out there would normally settle for a guy that is well to do, has a good job, a well furnished apartment, a flashy car, a well stocked wardrobe…and so on but hey is there any girl out there that would marry a guy who doesn’t have so much now but has potentials of getting more than all these in life.

 Door slams! She runs up to her room and another slam! Her mum in shock calls out to her daughter…..Mariah!

What is the matter? What’s the entire door slamming about?

 Mariah…mom I am sorry (quiet sobs).

 Mom, sit down talk to me…..what is the matter?

 Mariah…mom you would not understand. I’ll be fine (sob) Mom…talk to me. Mariah..

 I was out with my girl friends and we got talking about the wedding and the bride maids outfits, I really don’t know how the conversation got there but, one of my friends was saying that since I was rushing into marriage at 21 that I had not experienced life or had different relationships, how would I know this was the right man I should spend the rest of my life with? She also added that Philip was not good enough for me that I was marrying below my class, his dress sense was funny and that he does not have any money and that we may end up struggling, even though he is intelligent and a graduate. She so hurt my feelings but that was not the worse part….what was worse was that I thought so too (sobbing heavily)

Mummy am I too young to know what I want from marriage?…i love him, but I wonder sometimes about the same things my friends have pointed out.

Mom….Hmm (with a half smile on her face) Philip may not look like it much right now, but I ask you, what do you see when you look at him? Do you see a man with potentials? Do you see a man that loves you so much that all he wants to do is make you happy, see that you have joy in your heart, encourages you to bring out the best in you? Do you see a man that has plans for the future and is actually doing something about it? Does he spend more than he has to show off and impress people around him…Mariah, is he comfortable with himself even in his lack, because that is what I see in Philip…

I know you love him…not just the feeling of love as in what he does for you, what have you got that you know would be an asset to him. Philip is not perfect I know, he can be proud at times I see it, and a bit critical of you, but his heart is in the right are no angel too my dear(smiles). Looking at the potentials of your husband, know that he has qualities that would only get better with maturity..a man that loves and is submitted to God! Ha! My daughter don’t listen to those girls…it is a good woman that makes a man…why do you think all these girls that have wasted their lives looking for a made man, go after a married man.

 It was easy for your dad and I when we were planning our marriage, my parent thought I was making a huge mistake and they tried to talk me out of it, your father was overlooked by girls back then, even your grandma that they are now best friends, but I trusted my instincts, I trusted him because I knew that he was capable and would love and protect me. He always wanted the best for me and I made sure that when he stepped out he was always at his best, I changed his wardrobe know how men are, if you going to change their minds let them think it’s their idea. Now they are all chasing him. I invested in my marriage and when I say I loved him, it may have been a feeling in the beginning but I learnt it was a commitment..a decision..and that my dear, is all that counts.

 So my dear, all I can do is advise you based on what I know…you can still have to decide if you are in for a long term investment and let your marriage get sweeter with time, even with all the challenges, trust me many would come, as long as you both agree and serve each other even when the other is not serving back. Don’t think short term, think about the potentials your Philip has, love him and ask God to teach you how to be a good wife.

Hmmm thanks a million mum.

Can you marry potentials?


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  1. Vivian Akporode

    Woah really enlightening, I never thought I would consider potentials, this is a good job, I would definitely visit your blog again.

    Good write up.

  2. Good writeup, you ‘ve developed over time, keep it up and God bless for the lecture. for both young and old will surely learn from this.

    hope to visit your blog again.

  3. femmy

    hmmm, reading through this i piece i can’t but agree with you that there are enormous benefits in sticking with a man of potential. Truth is i’ve come to discover that a man may have a television without vision may be driving something with nothing driving him, may even have a posh ride yet he’s going nowhere. If there is anything that further cemented my conviction about my wife while we were dating it was the fact that she believed in me even when i didn’t have a job or the financial muscle to shoulder her responsibilities. I hold a philosophy in life which is that your greatest assets are not those you believe in but those that believe in you. I hope ladies will learn that you can’t see a man’s future with a microscope or anything physical just as it is advisable not to judge a book by its cover. Cheers

    • Thanks a lot Femmy for the comment…
      I’m so happy for you that you took a bold step in life by doing it….it goes to show how focused you are and ready to take up a huge responsibility which makes a man..

      Thanks again and looking forward to seeing more comments.

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