Today, the world’s economy is in turmoil, following the global economic meltdown and daily people lose jobs and companies lay off staffs, I wonder what would happen next, I was listening to the news and I heard that over 70 Nigerians have been deported from different European countries, and I save it is getting worse, where would these guys go now, what would they do?

I had a friend come visit me over the weekend, and he told me a story of a man who collected money from friends to start a business with a partner, the business went well, there was good returns and then they re-invested, but soon the partner took ill and had a memory loss,…to say less he is close to death, now the guy is stuck with paying back all the cash he borrowed which is running into good millions. What would he do now? Where would he start from?

I tell you about another guy who travelled out of the country for business and left his expensive car for his friend to use till he comes back, then just 2 days into his trip, he gets a call from the friend that he had an accident, and that the car is damaged, now he has to fix both cars. In this critical period where would he start from? What would he do?

Times are hard and strange things are happening, what we need now is daily motivation to help people stay afloat or else strange stories would take over the news and people start the impossible, daily motivation from those who are above us, from the boss, from parents, from Pastors, from Afar, from those in authority, we constantly need these motivation, many people invested so much last year and now they regret their actions because the investment collapsed, but if continually they get motivation, little one-on-one advise on the need to hang on to GOD for survival, we need to be told that there is hope. In the bible during the days of Joseph, there was great famine, and the lord brought him up to save the nation, he did the right things and in the heat of the famine, they had plenty to eat and people from far and wide came to buy. Now there is another famine, where do we go to for help?

Today we have a major challenge facing us, and those who are mature enough should stand up to the responsibility of caring for the young ones, those who have little experience in life, this is would help to balance the effect of good times and bad times. It is time for counsellors, motivational speakers, Pastors to stand up to help the world with prayers, public speaking and preaching. If you are reading this post its time for you to help someone, motivate someone, it’s time to help the world, and it’s your turn to impact on a life.

Contribute your quota and save the world.

See you on top.

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    I love the post really exciting and educative.

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