I know most of you reading would wonder who is in the picture above, well just a peep into the post, she is my…….. $$#&$#&%$ (wonder what that means)

I grew up in a family of 6 and I was brought up to understand the necessity of keeping good friends, as your friends would be used to define you. Growing up was an experience that has formed me and has defined my path in life, all the things I have gone through that in one way or another designed me for where I am now. All the people that I have ever met that have sharpened my destiny and have contributed to my path en route for success.

During my days in the university, I met with a lot of people because of my very social nature and amongst all I would forever remember my one and true friend, my confidant, my accountability mate, Avwenaghagha Ono, she is the definition of true friendship, caring, loving, faithful, a bundle of life, full of compassion, truthful, energetic, …..  helping me maintain my direction in life.

Growing up in Delta state opened me up to different things in life, growing up in an area where people do not other about growing with time, they do not crave for learning, the part that is ignorant to new trends, an area where people depend solely on government to provide jobs for them and would never try out new things. 

Most of the time, I sit to reminisce on how my life would have been without her.  I was reading a site and a post caught my attention, the author wrote on “his untold secret”, his wife. I knew then and there that I had an untold secret that I would like to share to my readers except that I am not yet married, but would really like to dedicate this post to my very special Ono. From the day we met till today, I cannot say it has been a mistake, I met an extremely powerful force that propels me to achieving greatness, I have had my faults in life, and though I am still working to perfect my life, I am proud to say her constructive criticisms has helped to keep me going.

I discuss with some of my friends about their lives and those that share their dreams, but find out that some keep entirely to themselves, if only they knew how much I have gained from having my ideas with my friend who would bluntly criticize me when what I say makes little or no sense or would fully encourage me to take the bold step when it makes a whole lot of sense, she would give me the push mentally and financially (lol), When I wrote my project in school before graduation, she would help prove read my manuscript before I present it to the lecturer, she would help me bullet points when we read, after graduation she would listen to the issues I have in the office, she would further encourage me. I am where I am now because she believed in me especially times when I lost my confidence.

To a dear friend and true companion……

Ono you are very special to me, I would forever appreciate you, thank you for being there. I love you.

God bless you.




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9 responses to “MY SECRET.

  1. Well, that must be a wonderful life! Living something like this, with such a close mate is something only the fortunate receive in life.

    Such benefactors make life so beautiful, and least worrisome! Anyways, it seems you are close to tying the knot. Very lucky, both of you, indeed! 🙂

  2. Thanks man.I feel so lucky having her yeah. sure to invite u for d knotting. thanks a lot for d comment

  3. Joseph, thanks for this post about your dear friend Ono. It is amazing how much your thoughts spoke for me. A recent event caused me to reflect deeply on my best friend in life … my wife Becky. Your words seemed to express my feelings precisely … and brought them even more to my consciousness. Thank you for that!

    Also, thanks for your kind comments on my recent post as well. I believe we are brothers in spirit in two parts of the world. And I enjoyed your post on ‘Lend a Hand …’

    • Jeff, I appreciate this comment, its really inspiring, its good to know that best friends really exist and that they touch lives. We should continually appreciate them.

      Thanks a lot.

  4. Philip Brown I feel you, you must really be in love….and she is so beautiful. Please note that you need to appreciate her and make her feel as special as she is.

    Congrats man.

  5. Which i know by the way you do really apreciate her,nice one brother and i hope Ono got to read this?

  6. Roselyn Thos

    Hmmmm…stumbled on your site and I must say this post is impressive, I am thrilled a guy feels like this in the era of cheats.

    Please treasure and keep her and I would surely check up on u guys years from now…..

    Good work.

  7. Kate thompson

    Hi Joseph this is a good post I must say I haven’t heard someone talk like this in a while, you must really be in love.

    Wish you the best in life..:-)

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