FASHOLA and the new lagos.





Hello friends, I am so happy about the new Lagos, have you noticed the positive change in Lagos? Governor Fashola has drastically transformed the streets of  Lagos, for once I am so proud of  Lagos, Imagine 5 years ago, how Oshodi looks and compare it to now, litters were seen all over the streets, traders had completely taken over the traffic and cars were struggling to go through thier dedicated lane.

He has barely spent 3 years in office and there is a visible transformation. I wonder if he is a Nigerian…but  I understand that he is a new Ngerian that knows what leadership means, and he is ready to lead, others know only one language stealing, cheating, self enrichment, wealth stacking without considering the welfare of the public which they serbve, have you noticed that there are little or no beggars on the streets of  Lagos?

Have you driven past Mobolaji Bank Anthony way at night? Or have you passed the third mainland bridge at night? Do you know how Oshodi looks now or Ojota? Have you seen the culverts and all the street decorations, I could go on and on and you still would not doubt me,  Fashola bears a resemblance to Obama, the change syndrome, although nobody expected this from him, but he has shocked us all, I know he would keep his seat next tenure…for me I would prefer him to still stay.

Compare him with his colleagues from other states, , they are busy piling money and have ignored the better part of governance, I visited Delta state last Christmas and I learnt that a contractor decorated a city with N350 million, I was shocked, although I don’t know the authenticity of this, but hey what the hell? There are roads to be constructed, schools that need to be rehabilitated, the sick to take care of….I would go on…but next election year, they would tell us to vote them in and they would give us electricity, roads, water…imagine for the past God know when I have been hearing all that, but I have never seen them. Most politicians know that they can steal money and when they are caught they would simply opt for a plea bargain with EFCC, and then return 50% of the loot. How far would we go on like this? I just pray for my dear Nigeria and the governance.

Fashola needs our prayers to keep him going, and to enable him focus, He is exactly what lagos needs and Nigeria in whole, I just but imagine what Nigeria would be now if we had him as a president or someone as young as he is with the thinking and exposure he has. I hope other Governors would learn from him and work in thier states.

GOD bless Fashola.


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4 responses to “FASHOLA and the new lagos.

  1. emorevoke

    A real man indeed, all other governors do is to seat on old ideas and no imagination of new things. Its crazy, unfortunate and sad.

    Rivers state though, have been seriously on development and fulfilling promises made, the only setback is the militancy quandary. Wel Godhelp us

  2. It is unbelievable to know very less or no beggars in Lagos!
    Believe this, but here in India, beggars are a commonplace. Ironically, the highest number of beggars in the large commercial hubs like Mumbai and Kolkata.
    You must have heard of Slumdog Millionaire, the Oscar winning movie, it was on the slums and street beggars of Mumbai.

    • Yeah…trust me its kinda unbelievable, but the present administration has put in place a special squad to remove beggars from the streets and they are catered for.

      Trust me, I thought it wasn’t possible…..

  3. andy nkeze

    ah this news i keep hearing about the change in lagos is fascinating o,its like its true, oshodi is no more over crowded ke?i cant believe it.i live in dakar senegal and most of my life was spent in lagos.someone should pls tell me more.

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