Welcome friends to 2009, I had a very wonderful 2008, I don’t know about you? The latter part of 2008 hold a lot of memories and blessings that I stand and look back I can do nothing else but smile, it is another year and people at this time of the year set their yearly goal and also makes a resolution as to what they would do in 2009.

I have set my goals too, and I can tell you that this is a good thing to do as it gives you directions and focus on what to do this year, imagine a ship sailing without direction or destination, where would it end up? In no man’s land. A ship that does not set its sail would enjoy the advantage of the prevailing wind. That’s is to say to enjoy focus and direction in 2009, you must set your sails and map out what you are set to achieve as the year goes by, I did this last year and looking back to it, I achieved over 60% of my target. I know withal certainty that I would achieve better this year.

Much as it may sound incredible, a lot of people work and live year-in year-out without a concrete idea of what they want or when they want them achieved. A roll on life normally produces no results. For those who think they need to plan or who believe that creating ideas about what they want in life is important, the problem in most cases is cynicism. After setting their goals and it appears they fall off the mark, they mostly get discouraged, saying that setting goals has little meaning as they are difficult to achieve. But can this be true? Experts say that “goals are likened to compass that provide the needed guide for a good voyage and safe landing. So the next time someone tells you that setting goals is really a lot of hype, tell him this; if life is a journey, how would you get there if you don’t have an itinerary? Goals tell you where you are going, how you are going to get there and what you would do when you get there.

But first you have to decide what you want, because the problem with some people is that they do not know what they really want, in other words they do not know what they really want in life. “Setting a goal needs you to make a decision about that which you want, and determine when you want to have them achieved. It means you must put a deadline to what you currently want. I’m saying get clear about what you want.


· Identify and write down your financial goals

· Break each financial goal down into several short term (less than one year), medium term (one to three years), and long term (five years and more) goals.

· Educate yourself by reading money magazines or books about investing or surf the internet’s investing websites.

· Identify small measurable steps you can take to achieve these goals and put each action into plan.

· Evaluate your progress, review your progress monthly, quarterly, or at intervals of your choice.

· If you are not making satisfactory progress on a particular goal, re-evaluate your approach.

I wish you a blessed 2009 and looking forward to seeing you on top.

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  1. Sani Malik

    This was very helpful. I found the tips particularly useful. Thanks Joe

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