Hello friends, its bothers me whenever I think about the future of Nigeria, how we are going and the negative side of destruction our leaders are towing.

It’s 2009 and I wonder where we are heading, I was watching a program on channels Television last week and listened to young minds talk at lenght on the future of Nigeria, a fraction of the speakers believed so much in the new Nigeria while the others still wonder why we are united. They talked and argued constructively, I was thrilled.

I also listened to a former president of Nigeria speak about Nigeria and he said we should be expecting bad days ahead, woah I am so surprised at the state of negativity our leaders have, we are already in bad days, how bad can it get? At least what we should be hearing are ways to help the economy of Nigeria, and not tell us a whole crap that we have heard and we know. Obama was elected last year and he would be inaugurated on the 20th of January, by now he has conveniently arranged his whole cabinet and assigned duties already, but the case is different in Nigeria, Our president has spent God knows how many months in office and he is still moving and shuffling ministers on a daily basis, its only in Nigeria I see that someone doing well in a particular ministry would be removed at will because the person might be stepping on some toes.

How do we explain the fact that Nigeria is a country without focus and direction, yeah I would say that again, a nation where the old ones want to die in power and neglect the youths. A nation that lacks concerns for the youths, schools are dying, hospitals are decaying, and there is no development in the country.  Day in day out I watch politicians campaign for power and the same old story… Good roads, portable water, electricity….and so on….for over 10 years I have been hearing these nonsense. Other countries set aside budget for inventions and new discoveries but we still continue to repair dead roads and complain about power.

Sometime last week, a man of God asked us to pray for the president of then nation, yeah I was going to do that and I am doing that still but I wonder if this is the proclamation from God for Nigerians in 2009? is this what we need for 2009? I ask myself in tears, do we really need to pray for these people? or just curse them?…A man can feel so comfortable to lavish N5 million on the daughters wedding while people are dying of hunger daily, most people can not even pay for their education, other live in shanty apartments.

Tell me someone who has suffered through school and finally graduated but comes out to no job, the old ones wants to die in power, retirement age is 56, but you fine 65 still working, where are we headed? I feel God would be sick of listening to us ask for mercy.

I’m so sad and I dont know if I have anything positive to say before I take my fingers off the keyboard, well I hope Nigeria sees the truth soon enough.

I wish Nigeria  a happy 2009.

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One response to “NIGERIA IN 2009

  1. Well, things in Nigeria are not well for sure. But, I think Nigeria is still an oil-rich country, isn’t it?

    I suppose Nigeria is a democratic country though my knowledge isn’t much about it. Is it the same as Arab countries happening there? All wealth in the hands of a few people, the monarchs/ministers? That’s extremely bad.

    As oil reserves get depleted, I think country will improve only then. lesser oil reserves always call for innovation and change.

    Well, and if possible do check out my blog. I’ve had some stuff on geopolitics and globalisation and the Third World countries a lot.
    -Ameya from India

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